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1 Confiez vos réalisations à des experts!

2 CYS Génie Conseil Créé en 2005, CYS est une firme de génie-conseil spécialisée dans les domaines de la construction tels que l ingénierie de chantier et la conception de structures. Appuyé par plus de 20 années d expérience dans l ingénierie-conseil, CYS se démarque avant tout par son engagement en matière de qualité et de service à la clientèle. Présent sur des projets dans plusieurs régions du Québec, la mission de notre équipe, sérieuse, expérimentée et dynamique, est de trouver la meilleure solution afin de satisfaire les besoins du client. Domaines de compétence : - Conception de structures neuves (bois, béton, acier) - Inspection et assistance technique aux travaux de construction - Réhabilitation et renforcement des structures - Conception hydraulique - Industriel - Agricole & Environnemental - Gestion des projets de construction

3 Steel, Concrete & Wooden Structures Steel Structures CYS manages projects pertaining to all structural elements of steel buildings in institutional, industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Be it for project conception and development, structural reinforcement, or inspections, CYS can meet your individual needs starting from a feasibility study all the way up to operational implementation. This is made possible thanks to CYS industry expertise acquired over the course of numerous years of experience. Reinforced Concrete Foundations are and have always been of the upmost importance to any structure. They are the base of a project, and their conception is a determining factor for well-conceived and durable construction. In addition to foundations, CYS is able to assist with the realization of all of your reinforced concrete projects, thanks to the firm s in-depth expertise in this field. - Foundation calculations - Steel framework calculations - Retaining walls - Concrete structures - Parking lots - Structural inspections Wooden Structures CYS specializes not only in the conception and inspection of steel and concrete structures, but also wooden ones. For warehouses, industrial and residential condominiums, large agricultural buildings, etc., we possess the necessary expertise to successfully realize large-scale projects with varied technical challenges. Rich in experience and with a strong background in this field, our team finds individually-tailored solutions that best meet the client s needs and expectations. This is done to find an appropriate balance between financial, technical and design factors. In the fields of wooden, concrete and steel structures, CYS offers its expertise in the conception and development of your projects, from project monitoring to structural inspections.

4 Construction Site Engineering CYS is specialized in construction site engineering and assisting contractors. The firm has participated in numerous projects across Canada. With substantial experience acquired over the years, our firm will accompany you over the entire course of your project, combining high standards with respect for deadlines. We will ensure both the stability and security of any temporary structures on your construction sites. In addition, CYS is qualified to perform all structural inspections. List of our fields of expertise : - Bridge formwork - Buildings - Work platforms - Lifting plans - Construction site access - Temporary retaining walls List of various projects : - Formwork and various installations for MTQ bridges (over 100 of such projects already completed) - Société des ponts Champlain et Jacques Cartier, restoration work - Ile des Soeurs highway interchange - Turcot highway interchange - Décarie and Métropolitain highway interchanges - A15 and A640 highway interchanges - A20 and A30 highway interchanges - A720 highway interchange, direction Montreal - Romaine hydroelectric plant - Rapide des Quinze power plant

5 Agriculture & Environment CYS has participated in numerous agricultural projects in Quebec pertaining to the planning and initial construction and reinforcement of agricultural buildings, along with the conception of structures for various agricultural systems. This has allowed CYS to make a name for itself in this particular domain, and to ensure a high standard of service for new clients. The firm is also capable of managing all of your certificate of authorization requests, project notices, and Ministry of sustainable development, environment, wildlife and parks (MSDEWP) requests. Here is a non-exhaustive list of our clients : Ferme 4 saisons ; Ferme Christian Audette ; Ferme Avico ; Ferme Amédée Bazinet ; Ferme Robert Beaulieu ; Ferme Daniel Beauregard ; Ferme Martin Beauregard ; Ferme Yvan Beauregard ; Ferme Mario Bérard ; Ferme Marc Bergeron ; Ferme CDMR ; Ferme Côté (St-Ignace) ; Ferme George-Étienne Bernard ; Ferme Denis Blanchette ; Ferme Richard Blanchette ; Ferme Bousquet et Blanchette ; Ferme Pierre Choinière ; Ferme François Cloutier ; Ferme Ghislain Cloutier ; Ferme René Désilets ; Ferme Richard Desroches ; Ferme du Dindon ; Ferme DMS ; Ferme Bernard Fontaine ; Ferme Gaucher ; Ferme Clovis Gauthier ; Ferme Edgard Giard ; Ferme Michel Giasson ; Ferme Martin et Christian Girouard ; Ferme Johel ; Ferme Bruno Leblanc ; Ferme Yves Leblanc ; Ferme Lecourt et Bernard ; Ferme Avicole Linor ; Ferme Alyre Mathieu ; Ferme Dominique Mathieu ; Ferme Philipp Meier ; Ferme Raymond Morin ; Ferme J-L et N. Nichols ; Ferme Perreault ; Ferme L.M. Pétrin ; Ferme Mario Phaneuf ; Ferme Marco Poirier ; Ferme Jean-Marc Provost ; Ferme R.S. Provost ; Ferme Real Coté ; Ferme Rock Morin ; Ferme Rojoie ; Ferme Volaille S.B. ; Ferme Daniel Saint-Jean ; Ferme Saint-Jude ; Ferme Réjean Saint-Pierre ; Ferme Vincent ; Ferme des Voltigeurs ; Groupe Aquino ; Nova Grain inc. ; Verger Champêtre ; Volailles S. Mathieu

6 Industrial CYS also operates in the field of factory engineering, and has realized the conception of various industrial structures as well as mechanical equipment supports (breakers, conveyor belts, pumps, etc.) Projects such as the construction of structures for travelling cranes and jib cranes, mezzanines for industrial storage, and work platforms have allowed CYS to obtain the experience and quality expertise to properly target the needs of the client in order to satisfy his or her particular needs and expectations. CYS has also carried out a number of factory construction projects, as well as different inspection, enlargement, modernization, and restructuring projects in Quebec. In a highly competitive industrial sector, the respect for budgets and the speed of execution of tasks are imperatives for our clients. Conscious of these risks, our team fully commits to providing you with a personalized, quality service for projects with varying scopes and levels of complexity. Within the scope of our mandates, our projects are carried out with professionalism and creativity.

7 Hydraulics Water is a precious natural resource, omnipresent yet indispensible. But in order to use it without wasting it, it must be managed properly. Stocking, filtering, distributing, and recycling are all steps that the CYS team will help you put into place in your hydraulic projects of different natures, scopes, and degrees of difficulty. Mandates such as the construction of sewer systems, aqueducts, and embankment stabilization have allowed our team to develop a great deal of expertise in this field. The different clients who place their trust in us for the conception of their hydraulic installations can bear witness to the rigor and professionalism of our firm. Our team is extremely attentive to the quality of our work and to the needs of our clients. List of our fields of expertise : - Urban and rural sewer systems - Mini purification stations - Water conveyance and distribution networks (aqueducts) - Embankment stabilization - Technical studies - Channeling - Reservoirs - Equipment - Drainage networks - Pumps

8 Ils nous ont fait confiance : Verger Paul Jodoin Law Marot Milpro Allinov Const. Denis Rivard Const. Germain Bazinet Nadeau Const. P. Leclerc Demathieu & Bard CNRC Coffrages Bouchard BLH Geopac Carrière Acton Vale Carrière Saint-Dominique G. Rodier Struc. Yamaska Justin Viens Arch. Blouin & Tardif Arch. Caouette Arch. Tpt. Michel Giasson Groupe Delom Delstar Énergie BG Semtec Pareco Ville de St-Hyacinthe Pêcherie Norref ADM Horizon Milling Monkubota Aéroport de Mtl Acam Tpt. Lula Const. Life Science Nutritionals Bricon Const. Valrive Municipalité St-Charles Gr. Leblanc Tpt. J.P. Archambeault Jeskar DMR Gr. Maryan Albec IMAC Fond. Daniel Beauregard Astra Sanctuaire Mont-Royal Tola Const. Const. Y. Germain Santco Ent. Claude Chagnon Ventec

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