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1 CANADIAN DERMATOLOGY ASSOCIATION BULLETIN A SSOCIATION CANADIENNE DE DERMATOLOGIE Volume 11, No. 1 ISSN FEBRUARY 2004 FÉVRIER EDITORIAL BOARD CONSEIL DE RÉDACTION National Editor / Rédacteur en chef CHARLES W. LYNDE, MD 3 Ovida Blvd., Markham, ON L3P 7N8 Tel: (905) Fax: (905) Executive Director / Directeure générale MICHELLE ALBAGLI prom. Echo Drive, Ottawa, ON K1S 5N8 Tel: (613) / Fax: (613) Publisher / Éditeur LOUIS VOGEL 5353 boul. Thimens, St-Laurent, QC H4R 2H4 Tel: (514) Ext: 121 Fax: (514) Publication Coordinator / Coordonnatrice de publication CAROLE ADAM 5353 boul. Thimens, St-Laurent, QC H4R 2H4 Tel: (514) Ext: 134 Fax: (514) Regional Editors / Rédacteurs régionaux ALFRED BALBUL, MD 1414 Drummond St., Suite 1001, Montreal, QC H3G 1W1 Tel: (514) Fax: (514) MARTIN GILBERT, MD Hôpital de l Enfant Jésus du CHA e rue, Québec, QC G1J 1Z4 Tel: (418) Fax: (418) Courriel: PETER R. HULL, MD 103 Hospital Drive, Saskatoon, SK S7N 0W8 Tel: (306) Fax: (306) ROBERT JACKSON, MD 1081 Carling Avenue, Suite 508, Ottawa, ON K1Y 4G2 Tel: (613) Fax: (613) DOUGLAS KEELING, MD 640 Manawagonish Rd., St. John, NB E2M 3W5 Tel: (506) Fax: (506) JENNIFER KLOTZ, MD Victoria Gen. Hosp. - Dickson Ctr. - Rm Halifax, NS B3H 1V7 Tel: (902) Fax: (902) KATHLEEN MOSES, MD 1752 Rhodes Crescent, Ottawa, ON K1H 5T2 Tel: (613) Fax: (613) EILEEN MURRAY, MD 425 St. Mary Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0N2 Tel: (204) Fax: (204) SIKINA ROSSI, MD 3066 Shelbourne St., Ste 145, Victoria, BC V8R 6T9 Tel: (250) Fax: (250) G. DANIEL SCHACHTER, MD 208 Bloor Street, W. Suite 403, Toronto, ON M5S 3B4 Tel: (416) Fax: (416) CATHERINE ZIP, MD nd Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2S 3B3 Tel: (403) Fax: (403) DERMATOLOGICAL ETHICS Guest Editorial...R. Jackson 2 President s Column / Rubrique du président...c.w. Lynde 4 Treasurer s Report / Rapport du trésorier...g. Searles 5 Secretary s Report / Rapport de la secrétaire...d. Wexler 6 News from Head Office / Nouvelles du siège social...m. Albagli 7 Info for CDA Members... 9 Patient Support Groups Listing... 9 Canadian Dermatology Foundation...K. Kobayashi 10 Research Award...N. Shear 11 Ottawa Clinical & Scientific Meeting...D. Quintal 11 La Société de dermatologie de Montréal...G.P. Raymond 12 Toronto Dermatological Society News...C. Linzon 13 Toronto Events...N. Shear 13 Ontario News...D. Schachter 13 Nova Scotia News...J. Klotz 14 Manitoba News...E. Murray 15 Recently Published Articles Resident s Room / La salle du résident...a. Freiman, A. Natsheh 18 Things Dermatologists Children are Doing...R. Jackson 18 Did You Know?...R.R. Forsey 19 McGill Honours Dr Forsey...L. Vogel 19 Obituaries / Nécrologies Fee Survey Results...C.W. Lynde 21 Office Moves and Practice Starts...L. Vogel 21 Birth Announcements... 22

2 Guest Editorial ETHICS: A Seminar for Resident Every two years I give an in-depth seminar on medical ethics to the dermatology residents in the University of Ottawa post-graduate training program. The Editor and the Board of the CDA Bulletin have suggested that an outline of the 2001 seminar might be of interest to other residents and to members of the Canadian Dermatology Association. The format is as follows. Two weeks before the seminar the residents are given a series of questions which depict scenarios which are not uncommon in present day practice of medicine. References on each question are appended. These questions are changed for each seminar. Introduction: Definitions and Background Ethics: the science of morals, the rules of conduct recognized in certain limited departments of human life. OED Morals: of or pertaining to the distinction between right and wrong, or good and evil, in relation to actions, volitions or character. OED...I will use treatment to help the sick according to my ability and judgement, but never with a view to injury and wrongdoing...into whatsoever houses I enter, I will enter to help the sick, and I will abstain from all intentional wrongdoing, and harm... Hippocratic Oath 5th Century BC-1st Century AD 1 The patient s health, rather than remuneration of the physician, should be the basic purpose of medical activities. Zerbi C1500 AD. 2 There are five key elements to medical professionalism. These are: (1) commitment to one s patients (including informed decisions and supporting equal medical care for all); (2) high ethical standards; (3) possession and development of special knowledge and skills; (4) self-governance and accountability; and (5) education of students. 3 Then each resident is asked to reply to each question and a general discussion of each question follows. With reference to the first four questions, I explain the following to residents. Your job is to do what is best for your patient, not for you, or for a drug company. The drug company s main job is to make money for their shareholders. So, of course, there will be areas of disagreement and conflict. They can be reconciled but first we must admit that they exist, and define their parameters. QUESTIONS 1. Would you be embarrassed to have a notice posted where you work, listing what gifts, books, hotel accommodations 2 ROBERT JACKSON, MD, Ottawa and airplane tickets you have received from drug companies whose products you prescribe? The relationship between the health supply industry and residents is complex. 4 Residents are poor, industry representatives have money to spend. Most residents thought that accepting gifts which would eventually help patients was OK. This could include textbooks, CD ROMS and the payment of air fares and expenses to approved CME meetings of the American Academy of Dermatology and the Canadian Dermatology Association. They did not think that lavish dinners, golf trips and non-medical presents were reasonable - although they did admit that, at times, they did accept emoluments. Most residents thought they would not be influenced by health industry gifts. There was no answer to the question: Why do these gifts continue to be made if there is no return to the shareholders in the way of increased product use by those to whom the gifts were made? I pointed out that you can often tell when and from where a resident graduated by the prescriptions he or she writes. 2. Are you surprised that 96% of those who reported that calcium-channel antagonists are very safe had financial relationships with manufacturers of calcium-channel antagonists? The figures for neutral or critical authors were 60% and 37% respectively. 5 The side effects of calcium-channel blockers were known by some of the residents. Most were not aware of this paper. Some had doubts that you could so easily assign papers into the three groups. Others thought that conflict of interest is a complex issue. All suggested papers of this sort were informative. 3. Do you know what peer selling is? Peer selling occurs when a pharmaceutical manufacturer directly sponsors a seminar or similar event that focuses on its own products and is designed to enhance the sale of those products. The manufacturer directly engages a physician to conduct the session: this form of participation would reasonably be seen as being in contravention of the CMA s Code of Ethics, which prohibits endorsement of a specific product. Peer selling, as understood in this sense, differs from the sort of situation in which a pharmaceutical manufacturer provides funds to CME organizers to sponsor a bona fide educational event on a specific condition or on specific products. In the latter event the control and structure of the CME event lies in the hands of the CME organizers. Even though the products may be the focus of such a bona fide event the arms-length nature of the sponsorship by the manufacturer and the fact that the control and structure of the event lie in the hands of the CME organizers remove it from the realm of advertising continued on page 3

3 continued from page 2 and do not constitute an endorsement of the product in question. 6 This type of selling when accompanied by drinks and an expensive dinner has been called Dine and Dash by Dr Mark Dahl, a keynote speaker at the 2002 Ottawa CDA Meeting. We do need to have information, particularly on newer pharmaceuticals. In Ottawa the choice of topic and speaker is made by the Division of Dermatology. Then, instead of a lavish dinner, we have a sandwich lunch at one of our rounds and hear the presentation. In lieu of the dinner we ask the pharmaceutical company to make a donation to the Division of Dermatology. Because the speaker and program are controlled by us some CME credits can be offered. 4. Do you know what prescription profiling or data mining is? 7, 8 In every province except British Columbia pharmacies are allowed to sell their records of dispensed drugs to IMS Health Canada, a health information firm in Pointe Claire, Quebec. IMS organizes and analyzes these data and sells them to drug firms in the form of aggregate - the prescribing practises of 10 to 30 doctors. The information includes the individual physician identification numbers which drug companies use to compile individual profiles of doctors. So without your knowledge and consent your prescribing habits are being sold to drug companies. The irony of this is that the doctor himself cannot obtain his own prescribing profile. Federal Privacy Commisioner, George Radwanski, has dismissed a complaint that this procedure violates physician s privacy rights. This ruling is being challenged by the CMA in Federal Court Trial Division. 9 Most residents did not know this existed. 5. Would you prescribe isotretinoin for your teen-age daughter? Puma et al found that some physicians diagnosed serious illnesses, prescribed powerful medication and performed major operations. 10 Two of the items the residents mentioned with reference to isotretinoin were what would happen if your daughter became pregnant, and what would be the quality of the record-keeping. Most suggested it was not possible to be completely medically unhelpful to your family, but any serious conditions should probably be referred. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has a policy (Nov. 2001) which states: Physicians are not permitted to diagnose or treat either themselves or family members except for minor conditions or in emergency situations, and then only when another physician is not readily available. 11 Many billing agencies will not pay for services rendered to immediate family members. 6. Could you see 100 patients a day? This question was asked to make the residents think about quality of care as an ethical question. 7. Have you ever written a prescription knowing that the drug will not be used for the person named on the prescription? I have records of two provincial regulating colleges that have reprimanded physicians for so doing. 11, 12 Really, though, even if done with the best intentions it is fraud and insurance companies are not happy when this occurs, and may ask for action by the provincial college. Pharmacists also will complain about this practice. Happening once with a single prescription for an urgent situation on compassionate grounds might be excused. In one Ontario complaint multiple repeats were given on the prescription. 13 References 1. Source Book of Medical History. Ed by Logan Clindening. New York. Dover 1960 pp Linden DET. Gabriel Zerbi s De Cautelis Medicorium and the Tradition of Medical Prudence. Bull Med Hist 1999;73: Jackson R. Comments by Moderator Lessons from the Past, Directions for the Future, 123 rd annual meeting of American Dermatological Association, Hawaii, December 4, Sams WM, Freedberg IM. The dermatology industry interface: Defining the boundaries. J Am Acad Derm 2000;43: Stelfax HT et al. Conflict of interest in the debate over calcium channel antagonists. NEJM 1998;338: Physicians and the pharmaceutical industry. Update Approved by CMA Board of Directors June 19, Foss, Krista. Prescriber profiling givers drug firms the inside tract. Globe & Mail January 2, CMA in a data mining case. Interface An Interactive News Digest 2003;4:1. 9. Dispute over use of MD s prescribing information heading to court. Cdn Med Ass Jour 2003;168: Puma JL et al. When physicians treat members of their own families. NEJM 1991;325: College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Policy Statement. Policy # Ottawa Citizen, November 4, Doctor-MP reprimanded for fudging prescription. 13. College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Member s Dialogue. July/August 1998 p

4 President s Column As we start the New Year, it is always a time for reflection, evaluation and optimism. On reflection and evaluation, 2003 was a very successful year for the CDA. Our annual meeting in Ottawa was socially and educationally successful, resulting in a strong financial year. It is not completely by chance that our annual meeting is so successful. It is because of the hard work of our members, the Organizing Committee, the Educational Committee etc. All the Ottawa group, in particular, are to be congratulated for the meeting of June In addition, our association with our event planners, Events by Design (EBD), has been very fruitful. They are constantly a class act, looking after every detail to produce the desired results. They have now been able to secure an ongoing contract with the Fairmont Hotel chain for the CDA, resulting in marked cost savings for the CDA and its membership. Dr Kirk Barber and Events by Design are producing an Annual Conference Guide (believe it or not, we did not have one previously). This guide will provide a set of rules and guidelines for the Annual Conference, and act as a sort of bible for ongoing years (certainly, it will have to be an act in evolution). The Annual Planning Committee has suggested (and the Board ratified) venues for our annual meeting: 2005 Québec City (Château Frontenac) 2006 Winnipeg (hotel tba) 2007 Toronto (Royal York) 2008 Montréal (Queen Elizabeth) 2009 Vancouver, Whistler (hotel tba) 2010 Newfoundland (hotel tba) Optimistically, with even further improvements and fine tuning, our CDA Annual Conference in Victoria, BC, July 2004 will be even better. Our Educational Committee has become increasingly involved, producing symposiums that are more unbiased and educational. As per Royal College guidelines, we are increasingly evaluating our annual meeting. The CDA has been working hard to promote the overall image of dermatology and promote the message, dermatologists -your skin experts. Our Sun Awareness Program, Parliament Hill event, National Post joint venture on the dangers of sun exposure, and our Psoriasis Awareness Month were all successful 2003 ventures. We intend to repeat and improve these ventures in 2004, and develop further programs. A National Post supplement on Winter Skin Awareness should appear in February saw the CDA have disagreements with our Journal publishers Springer-Verlag, over monies and costs. I believe that we have overcome these difficulties, and reached a compromise that will allow the organization to move forward over this next year, in an amicable fashion to finish our contract with Springer. Four pharmaceutical supplements for 2004 have been contracted to produce financial stability for the Journal. A Journal Task Force is presently being struck to produce a further evaluation of the Journal, and transition to an alternative compatible publisher. Finally, as part of our reflection, it is pertinent that all of 4 CHARLES W. LYNDE, MD Markham Rubrique du président Le début d une année est toujours un moment propice à la réflexion, à l évaluation et à l optimisme. Commençons par la réflexion et l évaluation. L année 2003 a été une très bonne année pour l ACD. Notre congrès annuel à Ottawa a été un succès sur le plan social et éducatif, ce qui s est traduit par d excellentes retombées financières pour notre association. Le succès de notre congrès n est pas que le fait du hasard. Il s explique par le travail acharné de nos membres, du comité organisateur et du comité de l éducation notamment. Tout le groupe d Ottawa, en particulier, mérite des félicitations pour le congrès de juin En outre, notre association avec les planificateurs de notre réunion, Events by Design (EDB), a été fructueuse. Ils font constamment preuve de vigilance et s attachent au moindre détail pour obtenir les résultats escomptés. Ils ont réussi à signer un contrat permanent avec la chaîne d hôtels Fairmont au nom de l ACD qui représente de substantielles économies pour notre association et ses membres. Le Dr Kirk Barber et Events by Design travaillent à produire un guide du congrès annuel (croyezle ou non, nous n en avions encore jamais eu un). Ce guide précisera les règles et les directives applicables au congrès annuel et servira en quelque sorte de bible pour les organisateurs des futurs congrès, bible qui devra certes évoluer dans le temps. Le comité de planification du congrès annuel a suggéré les endroits suivants pour notre congrès annuel, et le conseil d administration les a avalisés : 2005 Québec (Château Frontenac) 2006 Winnipeg (hôtel à annoncer) 2007 Toronto (Royal York) 2008 Montréal (Hôtel Reine Elizabeth) 2009 Vancouver, Whistler (hôtel à annoncer) 2010 Terre-Neuve (hôtel à annoncer) Nous espérons qu avec quelques autres améliorations et réglages fins le congrès annuel de l ACD à Victoria (C.-B.) en juillet 2004 sera encore meilleur. Notre comité de l éducation a commencé à s investir davantage dans l organisation du congrès et à mettre sur pied des symposiums plus impartiaux et éducatifs. Conformément aux directives du Collège royal, nous nous attachons de plus en plus à évaluer notre congrès annuel. L ACD a travaillé fort à promouvoir l image de la dermatologie en général et le message «Les dermatologues, vos spécialistes de la peau». Notre programme de prudence au soleil, l activité sur la colline du Parlement, notre action concertée avec le National Post sur les dangers de l exposition au soleil et notre mois de sensibilisation au psoriasis ont tous été couronnés de succès en Nous avons l intention de les répéter et de les améliorer en 2004 et de mettre sur pied d autres programmes. Le National Post devrait publier en février 2004 un supplément sur la sensibilisation à la protection de la peau en hiver. Nos rapports avec l éditeur de notre journal Springer-Verlag ont été la source de quelques désagréments en 2003 pour des questions d argent et de coûts. Je crois que nous avons surmonté ces difficultés et réussi à atteindre un compromis qui nous permettra d entretenir des relations amicales avec notre éditeur jusqu à la continued on page 5 suite à page 5

5 Treasurer s Report I would like to extend my best wishes to the CDA for Since the last report, several new initiatives have been underway. The Budget for 2004 is being finalized. Suffice to say, the CDA is in excellent financial health. This will allow the CDA to move forward with several new projects, each designed to increase awareness by the public about the expertise of dermatologists in the community. For example, the CDA had partnered with our industry colleagues to promote Psoriasis Awareness during October. Based upon this successful programme, similar ventures in other common skin diseases are being planned. Our excellent liaisons with our Industry partners have been very helpful in getting the message out. Finally, the planning for the CDA Annual Meeting in Victoria is in full swing, and promises to be entertaining, and thought provoking. Your Board has been working hard to improve the value of the CDA for you, the members. This includes new materials and handouts, the ongoing success of the Sun Awareness Programme, and increased media awareness of the value of dermatologists. In addition, the Board has supported the establishment of a Resident Section. The Board recognizes that Residents are the future of the CDA, and active participation within committees and other activities will demonstrate the value that the CDA offers its members. My task is to be vigilant with ongoing expenditures, and to preserve the financial health of the CDA. In this way, we will be able to maintain our excellent public awareness programmes, and provide opportunities for new initiatives to demonstrate to the public that dermatologists are their skin experts. GORDON SEARLES, MD Edmonton Rapport du trésorier Mes meilleurs vœux à l ACD pour Depuis le dernier rapport, plusieurs initiatives ont été mises en route. Les derniers détails du budget de 2004 sont presque mis au point. Qu il suffise de dire ici que l ACD est en excellente santé financière. Cela permettra à l ACD d aller de l avant avec plusieurs nouveaux projets tous destinés à mieux sensibiliser le public aux compétences qu offrent les dermatologues à la collectivité. Par exemple, l ACD s est associée avec ses collègues de l industrie pour promouvoir la sensibilisation au psoriasis en octobre. Vu le succès de ce programme de sensibilisation, nous prévoyons réaliser d autres programmes semblables pour d autres maladies de la peau communes. Nos excellentes liaisons avec nos partenaires de l industrie ont grandement aidé à diffuser le message. Enfin, la planification du congrès annuel de l ACD à Victoria bat son plein, congrès qui s annonce à la fois amusant et de nature à donner à penser. Le conseil d administration de votre association a travaillé dur à accroître la valeur de l ACD pour vous, ses membres. Cela comprend la préparation de nouvelles documentations, le succès continu du programme Prudence au soleil et une meilleure sensibilisation des médias à la valeur des dermatologues. En outre, le conseil d administration a appuyé la mise sur pied d une section des résidents, reconnaissant ainsi que les résidents sont l avenir de l ACD et que leur participation active aux travaux des comités et à d autres activités montrera ce que l ACD peut apporter à ses membres. Ma tâche consiste à faire preuve de vigilance en matière de dépenses et à sauvegarder la santé financière de l ACD. De cette manière, nous serons en mesure de maintenir nos excellents programmes de sensibilisation du public et aurons la possibilité de mettre sur pied de nouvelles initiatives qui lui prouveront que les dermatologues sont ses spécialistes de la peau. President s Column continued from page 4 Rubrique du président suite de la page 4 us re-evaluate our dermatological ethics as physicians. Our guest editorial by Dr Robert Jackson makes us do that. Read it and reflect. Equally so, be optimistic for 2004, for the CDA is a great organization. Happy New Year! Upcoming!!! In the June 2004 issue, Dr Catherine Zip will guest editorialize on problems of Women in Dermatology. fin de notre contrat avec lui cette année. Des contrats visant quatre suppléments pharmaceutiques ont été signés pour 2004, qui assureront la stabilité financière du journal. Nous sommes en train de mettre sur pied un groupe de travail qui sera chargé d évaluer le journal plus en profondeur et d organiser la transition vers un éditeur plus conforme à nos souhaits. Enfin, toujours au chapitre de la réflexion, il convient que tous et toutes nous réévaluions notre «éthique dermatologique» en tant que médecins. Notre éditorial, fruit d une collaboration spéciale avec le Dr Robert Jackson, nous invite à le faire. Lisez-le et réfléchissez-y. Enfin, envisagez l année 2004 avec optimisme, car l ACD est une organisation formidable. Bonne année! 5

6 Secretary s Report Rapport de la secrétaire It is hard to believe that we are already in I want to discuss the awards that are available for Canadian dermatologists, and to ask you to please nominate your colleagues for these honours. The Canadian Dermatology Association has a number of awards. One of these is the Young Dermatologists Volunteer Award, which recognizes a dermatologist who is 45 years of age or less, or has been in practice 15 years or less, and is a member of the Canadian Dermatology Association, has contributed with outstanding volunteer medical and dermatologic services to the community, and is in private practice. The Award of Honour represents the highest award that lies within the power of the Canadian Dermatology Association to bestow upon a person who is not a member of the profession. Personal contributions in the advancement of medicine, service to the people of Canada or service to the professions can be recognized. The Award of Merit represents excellence of leadership in contributions to the Canadian Dermatology Association over many years. Further information is available about these awards from Head Office. Please feel free to submit as many names as possible. The May Cohen Award is another award which dermatologists can be nominated for by their colleagues. This is a CMA award for physician women mentors who have helped with your career development, and have demonstrated outstanding mentoring abilities. The nomination form for this award is available through the Canadian Medical Association. If you have any questions about these awards, please feel free to contact me at In addition, please continue to encourage any dermatologists who are not members of the CDA to join the Association. We need a strong national front. DENISE WEXLER, MD London Nous sommes déjà en 2004 incroyable mais vrai. Je veux vous parler des prix que peuvent se mériter les dermatologues du Canada, et vous demander de proposer la candidature de vos collègues pour ces prix. L Association canadienne de dermatologie offre plusieurs prix. Le Prix des jeunes dermatologues bénévoles est destiné aux dermatologues de 45 ans ou moins ou ayant 15 ans de pratique ou moins, membres de l Association canadienne de dermatologie et qui ont dispensé des services médicaux et dermatologiques bénévoles exceptionnels à la communauté, en pratique privée. Le Prix d Honneur est la distinction la plus haute que puisse décerner l ACD à une personne qui n est pas membre de la profession médicale. La distinction récompense l excellence de la contribution à l avancement de la recherche médicale ou des services rendus à la population du Canada ou aux professions. Le Prix d Excellence reconnaît l excellence du leadership dans les contributions à l ACD au cours de nombreuses années. On peut obtenir des renseignements additionnels au sujet de ces prix auprès du siège social. N hésitez pas à proposer le plus grand nombre de candidatures possible. La candidature de dermatologues peut aussi être proposée par des collègues pour le Prix May-Cohen. Ce prix de l AMC est destiné aux femmes médecins qui, par leur rôle de mentor exceptionnel, ont contribué à l avancement de votre carrière. Vous pouvez obtenir le formulaire de mise en candidature pour ce prix auprès de l Association médicale canadienne. Si vous avez des questions au sujet de ces prix, n hésitez pas à communiquer avec moi par courriel Je vous demanderais en outre de continuer à encourager les dermatologues qui ne sont pas membres à adhérer à l ACD. Nous avons besoin d une solide présence nationale. 6

7 News from Head Office Task Force on the JCMS The board had requested in autumn 2003 that a small task force be set up to discuss the future success of the Journal. Dr Harvey Lui has agreed to chair the task force and has asked Drs David McLean, Gordon Searles, Dan Sauder, and Robert Bissonnette to work with him. All CDA members will have the opportunity to offer their opinions. Winter Skin Joint Venture with the National Post and La Presse The National Post is excited about this joint venture. We have put together a very interesting line-up of story ideas and interviews are already in progress with various members of the association. Although La Presse had been given the same list of potential advertisers, it is possible that it will not be feasible to put a cahier spécial in La Presse until another time. The winter skin campaign has been more of a challenge to set up than had been planned and it will probably be much easier to work with La Presse on a Sun Awareness venture. I apologize to our francophone members. Our target is to produce all our mass audience work in both languages and we are normally successful; rarely, however, it has proven more difficult to work with one language rather than another. This attempt at a cahier spécial with La Presse is a case in point. Any suggestions for improvements in this area would be warmly welcomed. Sun Awareness Week, May 31-June 2, 2004 We have already begun work in conjunction with Dr Joël Claveau and Sue Sherlock. We will be producing a new edition of Sun Facts, to highlight AK and squamous cell CA. Environment Canada and Health Canada are interested in presenting the new UV index during SAW Dr Cheryl Rosen is working on appropriate messages. Dr Claveau informs me that the Québec events will centre on the Québec Legislature, with another large event in Montreal and, should the funds be available a distribution of public education materials on sun safety to elementary schools children. Visit to AAD This visit was very useful, particularly in terms of setting up an agreeable working relationship with Carol Trumbold, the new Associate ED responsible for communications, publications, education and meetings (replacing Cheryl Nordstedt). We have agreed to continue on CDA-AAD with joint ventures in communication, education and meetings. I also met with the Manager of Camp Dermatology, who provided some good insights into financial and HR costs associated with this project. I will be meeting with the new (at least temporary) ED at the AAD in Washington. At the last CDA- AAD executive meeting, it was suggested that a CDA representative should become part of the AAD communications council. Apparently, this council is restricted MICHELLE ALBAGLI, Executive Director, CDA Directeure générale, ACD Nouvelles du siège social Groupe de travail sur le JCMS À l automne 2003, le Conseil d administration a demandé la constitution d un petit groupe de travail afin de discuter du succès futur du Journal. Le D r Lui a accepté de présider le groupe et a demandé aux D rs David McLean, Gordon Searles, Dan Sauder et Robert Bissonnette de travailler avec lui. Tous les membres de l ACD auront l occasion de formuler leur opinion. Projet conjoint sur la protection de la peau en hiver, avec le National Post et La Presse Ce projet intéresse vivement le National Post. Nous avons des idées intéressantes pour une série d articles, et les entrevues sont déjà en cours avec des membres de l Association. Nous avons offert à La Presse la même liste d annonceurs possibles, mais il se peut que La Presse ne puisse pas créer un cahier spécial pour cette fois. La campagne de protection de la peau en hiver a été plus difficile à organiser que prévu, et il sera probablement beaucoup plus facile de travailler avec La Presse sur un projet de Prudence au soleil. J offre mes excuses aux membres francophones. Nous visons à produire tout notre travail destiné au grand public dans les deux langues et, à de rares exceptions près, nous réussissons normalement à le faire. Il a parfois été plus difficile de travailler dans une langue que dans l autre, comme dans le cas de cette tentative de création d un cahier spécial de La Presse. Toute suggestion d amélioration à cet égard sera reçue avec reconnaissance. Semaine de Prudence au soleil, du 31 mai au 2 juin 2004 Nous avons déjà commencé à travailler avec le D r Claveau et Sue Sherlock. Nous produirons une nouvelle édition de Bonjour soleil, qui portera principalement sur la kératose actinique et le carcinome spinocellulaire. Environnement Canada et Santé Canada s intéressent à présenter le nouvel indice UV au cours de la Semaine de Prudence au soleil Le D r Cheryl Rosen travaille à préparer les messages appropriés. Le D r Claveau m informe qu au Québec, les événements se dérouleront principalement à l Assemblée nationale, avec un autre événement important à Montréal et, si les fonds sont disponibles, une distribution de matériel d éducation publique sur la prudence au soleil aux élèves du primaires. Visite à l AAD La visite a été très utile, surtout pour instaurer une relation de travail agréable avec Carole Trumbold, la nouvelle directrice générale associée chargée des communications, des publications et des réunions (elle remplace Cheryl Nordstedt). Nous avons convenu de poursuivre les projets conjoints ACD AAD en communication et en éducation, ainsi que les réunions conjointes. J ai aussi rencontré le directeur du «Camp Dermatology», qui a donné de bonnes idées sur les ressources financières et humaines associées à ce projet. Je rencontrerai aussi le nouveau (du moins temporairement) directeur général de l AAD à Washington. continued on page 8 suite à la page 8 7

8 continued from page 7 to chairs of AAD committees. However, Ms Trumbold suggested that it may be possible to add a special position with observer status for CDA. Health Canada The fact that Pierre Pettigrew has been named as both Minister of Health and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs (a first) attests to the desire of the new PM to build a better working relationship between the federal, provincial and territorial governments. The federal government remains a major player in Canada s health system, both in terms of targeted funding and implementation of the Canada Health Act. With sufficient lobbying from health system stakeholders, there may be a chance to get a dedicated allocation for health education. Mr Martin has spoken of reducing waiting lists, which message can be capitalized on by specialist groups. Since ministers prefer to meet with a number of interested groups at the same time, a closer working relationship with the new NSS group may be to the CDA s advantage. Another important element is Mr Martin s wish to give power back to backbenchers. The implication for CDA is that, as the board wishes to enter into more lobbying efforts, willing CDA members across the country can be asked to meet with both federal MPs and their provincial counterparts. This action will bring CDA messages into both the House on the Hill and the provincial legislatures. A concerted message from many quarters gathers a great deal of strength. Dr Charles Lynde had once suggested media training for CDA board members. Now that external relations are becoming increasingly important for the association, CDA is considering the idea of including a media training session, reserved for CDA members, at each future annual conference. Any comments? Health Canada Working group on OTC health product advertising This group was set up as part of Health Canada s health policy renewal legislation last summer. CDA was the only national specialty society (NSS) invited to participate, other participants being industry, disease support groups and the CMA. The WG has now completed its draft report, which is presently being written up by Health Canada staff. There is still a great deal of differing opinion on how much marketing and advertising is pertinent to inform Canadians of their choices but still protect those who are most vulnerable. CDA has managed to influence the group sufficiently to allow skin cancer to be the one cancer that would be exempt from Schedule A advertising regulations. This will permit sunscreens and other SPF15+ products to carry wording that suggests use of these products in the context of a full sun safe program may reduce the risk of skin cancer. The WG report will now be presented to the Minister of Health and thence to public consultation. If the exemption for skin cancer remains following the rest of the process, this will mean a coup for CDA in support of its SPEP sponsors. Membership/Corporate Directory The 2004 CDA Membership Directory will include a separate continued on page 9 suite de la page 7 À la dernière réunion des Exécutifs de l ACD et de l AAD, il a été proposé qu un représentant de l ACD devienne membre du conseil des communications de l AAD. Apparemment, les sièges à ce conseils sont réservés aux présidents des comités de l AAD, mais Mme Trumbold indique qu il serait peut-être possible de créer un siège spécial avec statut d observateur pour l ACD. Santé Canada Pierre Pettigrew ayant été nommé à la fois ministre de la Santé et ministre des Affaires intergouvernementales (une première), atteste du désir du nouveau premier ministre d établir une meilleur relation de travail entre le gouvernement fédéral et les gouvernements provinciaux et territoriaux. Le gouvernement fédéral joue toujours un rôle clé dans le système de santé du Canada, à la fois en terme de financement ciblé et d application de la Loi canadienne sur la santé. Avec suffisamment de lobbying des intervenants du système de santé, il pourrait être possible d obtenir des fonds ciblés pour l éducation en santé. M. Martin a parlé de réduire les liste d attentes, message dont les groupes de spécialités peuvent tirer profit. Puisque les ministres préfèrent rencontrer plusieurs groupes d intérêt en même temps, une relation de travail plus étroite avec le nouveau groupe des sociétés nationales de spécialité pourrait être avantageuse pour l ACD. Un autre élément important, c est que M. Martin souhaite redonner du pouvoir aux députés d arrière-ban. Comme le Conseil d administration de l ACD souhaite participer davantage aux efforts de lobbying, cela veut dire que l on pourra demander aux membres de l ACD de toutes les régions du pays qui le souhaitent de rencontrer leurs députés fédéral et provincial. Nous diffuserons ainsi les messages de l ACD à la fois à la Chambre des communes et dans les législatures provinciales. Un message concerté issu de nombreuses sources possède une grande force. Le Dr Charles Lynde a déjà suggéré d offrir une formation aux médias aux membres du Conseil d administration. Maintenant que les relations extérieures deviennent de plus en plus importantes pour l Association, l ACD songe à présenter à chaque congrès annuel une séance de formation aux médias réservée aux membres de l ACD. Des commentaires? Groupe de travail de Santé Canada sur les annonces de produits de santé grand public Ce groupe a été constitué par Santé Canada dans le cadre du renouvellement des dispositions législatives régissant la protection de la santé. L ACD a été la seule société nationale de spécialité invitée à participer, aux côtés de l industrie, de groupes de soutien spécifiques à certaines maladies et de l AMC. Le groupe de travail a maintenant terminé son rapport préliminaire, que le personnel de Santé Canada s emploie à rédiger. Il reste beaucoup de dissension au sujet de la quantité pertinente de marketing et de publicité pour informer les Canadiens de leurs choix tout en protégeant les personnes les plus vulnérables. L ACD a réussi à influencer le groupe suffisamment pour que le cancer de la peau soit le seul cancer exonéré de la liste de l Annexe A des règlements sur la publicité. Cela permettra de formuler les étiquettes des écrans solaires et autres produits d un FPS supérieur à 15 de façon à suggérer que l utilisation de ces produits, dans le cadre d un programme intégral de prudence au soleil, pourrait contribuer à réduire le risque de cancer de la peau. Le rapport du groupe de travail sera maintenant suite à la page 9 8

9 continued from page 8 suite de la page 8 Corporate Directory. The latter proved useful to CDA members last year and combining both directories will give you a bit more space on your desk. Privacy Legislation The new federal legislation that came into effect on January 1 requires that all businesses (for profit and otherwise) publicize the use they make of personal data. You will find appropriate statements on the CDA website and in future CDA membership directories. AAD re-accreditation for CDA annual conference CDA re-application to become an accreditation provider It s that time again. Head office is working with the education committee on these two projects. CDA on the move Head office can no longer continue to function within a space of 400 sq. ft. Not only does the Royal College need our space for its new associate director of education and his/ her assistant, we are contravening all health, safety and fire regulations. We have viewed seven spaces and venues: outside downtown, near suburbs and business parks. The two most suitable, and cheapest, are south (away from downtown) of the College. The space planner is now doing a nickel sketch of the two sets of space, to determine if / how we can fit into the space available and how little work we can get away with for the retrofitting to fit our needs. Both buildings are a B category (older, more basic) with the essential necessities heat, a/c, sufficient daylight and lighting, etc. CDA cannot replace the amenities afforded us by the College, except at a greater cost than we can afford. Time is of the essence: the College would really like us to leave by the end of February we are lucky that 2004 is a leap year. A happy, healthy and peaceful New Year to you all. Info for CDA Members Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery - Access to full text articles on line CDA members will find the 2004 ID and password to access the Journal website on the Members' pages of the CDA website (www.dermatology.ca). If you wish, you may also call head office for the relevant information. Michelle Albagli, Executive Director Canadian Dermatology Association Echo Drive Ottawa, Canada K1S 5N or Fax: présenté au ministre de la Santé et ira par la suite à la consultation publique. Si l exemption demeure en place pour le cancer de la peau dans le reste du processus, l ACD aura gagné une victoire importante à l appui de ses commanditaires du PEPS. Répertoire des membres et des sociétés commanditaires Le Répertoire 2004 des membres de l ACD comprendra dans une section distincte un Répertoire des sociétés. Ce dernier s est révélé utile pour les membres de l ACD l an dernier, et la combinaison des deux éléments réduira un peu l encombrement de votre pupitre. Loi sur la protection de la vie privée La nouvelle loi fédérale entrée en vigueur le 1er janvier exige que toutes les entreprises (à but lucratif ou non) divulguent l utilisation qu elles font des données personnelles. Vous trouverez les énoncés appropriés sur le site web de l ACD et dans les prochains répertoires des membres de l ACD. Renouvellement de l agrément de l AAD pour le congrès annuel de l ACD et nouvelle demande de reconnaissance de l ACD comme prestateur agréé de formation Le moment est à nouveau venu de procéder à ces renouvellements. Le personnel du siège social travaille en collaboration avec le comité de l éducation à ces deux projets. L ACD en marche Le siège social ne peut plus fonctionner dans un espace de 400 pieds carrés. Non seulement le Collège royal a-t-il besoin de notre espace pour son nouveau directeur associé de l éducation et son adjoint(e), mais nous contrevenons aussi à tous les règlements sur la santé, la sécurité et la prévention des incendies. Nous avons visité sept locaux possibles : à l extérieur du centre-ville, en banlieue et dans les parcs d affaires. Les deux endroits qui conviennent le mieux et sont les moins chers sont situés au sud (plus loin du centre-ville) de l édifice actuel du Collège. Les planificateurs d espace travaillent actuellement à des croquis pour voir lequel des deux endroits pourrait convenir à nos besoins d espace tout en nécessitant le moins de modifications possibles. Les deux édifices sont de catégorie B (plus vieux et dotés des services de base) et offrent les nécessités essentielles (chauffage, air climatisé, éclairage naturel et artificiel suffisants, etc.) L ACD ne peut remplacer les services que nous offrait le Collège à moins de dépenser au-delà de nos moyens. Le temps presse, car le Collège aimerait nous voir quitter nos bureaux actuels d ici la fin de février nous sommes chanceux que 2004 soit une année bissextile. Meilleurs vœux de santé, de bonheur et de paix à tous et toutes pour la Nouvelle Année. Patient Support Groups Listing Please help the CDA Head office with its listing of Patient Support Groups. If you are aware of any patient support groups in your area, please contact Head Office with this information. Every piece of information helps. 9

10 Canadian Dermatology Foundation Summary of the CDF Annual General Meeting June 30, 2003 Ottawa, ON The meeting was called to order at 14:55 hrs with 17 members present. Dr Albers presided. The minutes of the 2002 AGM held in Paris, France were approved as previously circulated. Dr Albers reported on the final transfer of records of the Secretary- Treasurer from himself to Dr Kobayashi. The financial situation continues to be satisfactory in all respects, i.e. on the income side as well as with expenses. We have received the balance of the bequest, totaling $328,381.64, from the Edwin Brown Estate. This came to us via the CDA and was earmarked for dermatology research. It will be known as the Edwin Brown - CDA Endowment. We are very grateful to the members of the CDA for having channeled this to the CDF. Membership contributions for 2002 were $30,335, a decrease of about $15,000 from The membership drive this year has produced $17,419 so far. New Life Members are Drs Paul Adam and Zohair Tomi. New Benefactor Life Members are Dr Stuart Maddin (see below) and Dr Harvey Lui. A total of $240,000 was received from the following corporate sponsors for 2003 Research Grants: Allergan Inc, Bayer Healthcare Canada, Biogen Canada, Dermik Laboratories Canada Inc., Fujisawa Canada Inc., Galderma Canada Inc., Hoffmann-La Roche, La Roche-Posay, Leo Pharma Inc., Medicis Canada, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc., Schering Canada, Stiefel Canada and 3M Pharmaceuticals. Grants awarded totaled $310,000 and included $70,000 generated from investment interest and membership funds. Stiefel Canada continued to provide additional corporate sponsorship in the amount of approximately $50,000 for administrative support. Please visit our website for details about grant recipients and donors. The CDF Lecturer for 2003 was Dr Jerry Shapiro who delivered the Lecture Old Wine in New Bottles: Reviving Old Therapies for Alopecia Areata. The Practitioner of the Year 2003 was Dr Stuart Maddin. The details of this year's award and the bestowing of Benefactor Life Membership to Dr Maddin have been published in the October issue of the CDAB and also on our website. With the move of the Secretary-Treasurer's office to Waterloo, Ontario, a change of accountants to MDKS was approved. Dr Albers completed his term as interim President and stepped down to be replaced by Dr Neil Shear. Dr Kobayashi, on behalf of the Board and members, thanked Dr Albers for his years of 10 KEN KOBAYASHI, MD Secretary-Treasurer, Waterloo dedication and service to the CDF since The nominations for re-election of Drs Powell and Shear and Mr. MacKay and the nomination for first time election of Dr Jerry Shapiro were accepted by the membership, completing the new composition of the Board of Directors. The meeting was adjourned at 15:30 hrs Annual General Meeting of the CDF The 2004 AGM will be held in Victoria, BC immediately following the CDA AGM on Friday, July 2, All members are welcome and encouraged to attend this 35th Annual General Meeting. Dr Frederick Kalz Bursaries Applications Invited In 1991, the late Dr Zoltan Fekete initiated the Dr Frederick Kalz Fund with a generous gift to the Canadian Dermatology Foundation. Numerous colleagues and friends of Dr Kalz ( ) contributed further to this fund. The purpose of the fund is to commemorate the name, life, work and teaching of Dr Frederick Kalz through bursaries or scholarships for Dermatology training. It is assumed that the applying trainees will be driven by curiosity and a strong desire to learn or to take part in a learning or research experience. Activities which are undertaken primarily to acquire financial gains or skills to produce income, do not qualify. Endorsement of the application by a senior faculty member of a Canadian university is expected. Application forms should be downloaded from The CDF Board accepts enquiries outlining the proposed training activity and completed applications at any time by writing to: Dr K.A. Kobayashi, CDF Secretary-Treasurer, 99 Northfield Drive East, Suite 202, Waterloo, ON N2K 3P9 Processing of an application may take up to six months Practitioner of the Year Award Nomination Requested In 1991, the Canadian Dermatology Foundation established an annual award to honour Canadians whose major income is produced from clinical practice. Previous recipients have been Drs Donald C. Montgomery, W. Alastair McLeod, William N. MacEachern, J. Barrie Ross, Robert Lester, Don Rosenthal, William Pace, Tom Enta, Pierre Ricard and Stuart Maddin. The Board of Directors now solicits nominations for the 2004 award to be presented at the CDA President s Banquet in July. Nominations shall be made by a member and seconded by four (4) other dermatologists. The nomination shall be accompanied by curriculum vitae and a one-page summary of the contributions made by the nominee to dermatology and the community continued on page 11

11 continued from page 10 at large. The Board welcomes letters of support from any member of the community. Nominations are accepted any time and should be mailed as soon as possible to Dr K.A. Kobayashi, CDF Secretary- Treasurer, Suite Northfield Drive East, Waterloo ON N2K 3P9 for receipt by April 15th CDF RESEARCH GRANTS Applications Invited The Medical Advisory Committee of the Canadian Dermatology Foundation invites applications for the year 2005 Research Grants. Application Forms and Guidelines can be obtained from our web site (www.cdf.ca) or from Dr Harvey Lui, Director Medical Advisory Committee, Division of Dermatology, The UBC Skin Care Centre 835 West 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4E8. Several CDF Research Grants (up to $20,000) and some industry-sponsored grants (up to $50,000) are expected to be available in this competition. The Grants will be distributed in July Applications for the 2005 Research Grants must reach Dr Harvey Lui by December 1, Research Award NEIL SHEAR, MD, Toronto Dr Rochelle Monson, a resident in dermatology, was granted the 2003 PSI Resident Research Award for her paper entitled, Cytotoxic T lymphocyte reactivity to Gp100, MelanA / MART-1 and tyrosinase, in HLA-A2 positive vitiligo patients. This was work done with Dr Neil Shear (Dermatology) and Dr David Spaner (Oncology). Co-investigators and full publication: Mandelcorn-Monson RL, Shear NH, Yau Y, Barber B, Spaner D, DeBenedette MA. Cytotoxic T lymphocyte reactivity to Gp100, MelanA/MART- 1,and tyrosinase, in HLA-A2-positive vitiligo patients. J Invest Dermatol 2003; 121: Ottawa Clinical And Scientific Dermatology Meeting DIANE QUINTAL, MD, Ottawa On Friday and Saturday, October 31 and November 1, 2003 we held our 43rd Bi-annual Clinical and Scientific Dermatology Meeting at the Ottawa Hospital, General campus. Our Guest Clinician was Dr David Atherton from London, England. The theme of the meeting was Paediatric Dermatology. On Friday afternoon, the Scientific portion of the meeting was attended by 68 physicians. It was chaired by Dr Nordau Kanigsberg. The following presentations were heard: Dr David Atherton Dr John Goodall Dr Sarah Nikkel Dr Claire LeBlanc - Treatment of severe atopic dermatitis in children - Management of haemangiomas - Diaper eruption - typical and unusual patterns - What should Dermatologists know about genetics? - Rheumatological diseases in children At the Saturday morning Clinical session, there were over 25 cases presented and over 40 physicians in attendance. The patients were seen in the clinic modules and they represented selected variants of paediatric disorders. The discussion that followed was chaired by Dr Jim Walker and dealt with the diagnosis and practical aspects of the management of these conditions. Dr Robert Prokopetz discussed the dermatopathology pertaining to the cases and Dr David Atherton provided useful comments and suggestions in the management of these disorders. The morning clinical session was followed by a luncheon. Financial and technical support was provided by Allergan, Berlex, Canderm Pharma Inc., Dermik, Fujisawa Canada Inc., Galderma, Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories, Hoffman- LaRoche Inc., Leo Laboratories Inc., 3M Canada Co., Novartis, Optimapharma and Stiefel Canada. This allowed us to conduct once again a high profile meeting. Our next Clinical and Scientific meeting will be on April 23 and 24, Our guest clinician will be Dr James T. Elder from Ann Arbor, Michigan. The theme of the meeting will be Immunology in Dermatology. 11

12 Nouvelles de la Société de dermatologie de Montréal GILES P. RAYMOND, MD, Président, Montréal Pour le deuxième trimestre de l année académique , il y aura trois réunions académiques parrainées par la Société et organisées conjointement par le CUSM (McGill) et le CHUM (U. de Montréal). En voici les détails : Jeudi, 22 janvier 2004 Pavillon Édouard-Asselin, CHUM Saint-Luc 9h00 à midi Samedi, 20 mars 2004 Hôpital Royal Victoria Hospital, 9h00 à 13h00 Jeudi, 22 avril 2004 Pavillon Édouard-Asselin CHUM Saint-Luc 9h00 à midi Acné, hirsutisme et hormonothérapie Dr Yves Poulin (dermatologiste, Québec) Dr Hélène Lavoie (endocrinologue, CHUM) Dr Robert Sabbah (obs. et gyn, Sacré-Coeur) 255e réunion de la SDM à déterminer Dr A. Gupta New Signs of Systemic Diseases Dr William James Élections Le poste de secrétaire-trésorier et un poste de directeur de la Société sont actuellement ouverts. La docteure Jacqueline Tousignant est la directrice du Comité d élection. Toute demande doit lui parvenir avant le 1er avril. L élection aura lieu le jeudi, 22 avril, lors d une réunion de la Société. Projet Menri L Association des dermatologistes du Québec, par le biais de la Fondation de dermatologie du Québec, a parrainé récemment un projet d aide humanitaire internationale. Trois dermatologistes, les docteurs Benoît Côté, Pascale Marinier et Bertrand Veilleux, accompagnés de Dre Catherine Kissel, interniste et gériatre, et de Francine Labelle, adjointe administrative de l Association, se sont rendus au monastère de Menri, près de Solan, dans l Himachal Pradesh en Inde du Nord, afin d offrir des services médicaux axés sur la dermatologie. Les buts de ce projet étaient de répertorier et de traiter les conditions médicales des enfants de l orphelinat du monastère et de la population environnante, et d offrir à long terme un lien internet de télémédecine relié au centre hospitalier universitaire de Montréal (CHUM). La première visite de cette équipe a eu lieu du 1er au 22 novembre dernier. Un compte-rendu plus détaillé de leur expérience sera fait devant les membres de l Association des dermatologistes du Québec lors du congrès qui se tiendra dans le Vieux-Québec, du 20 au 23 mai 2004 et un résumé de leurs activités sera publié subséquemment dans le Bulletin de l Association canadienne de dermatologie. 12

13 Toronto Dermatological Society News CHARLENE D. LINZON, MD, President, Toronto We started the season with two very successful well-attended meetings that consisted of dinners, guest speakers, case presentations and discussions. The first meeting on September 30, 2003, AIDS Revisited, received an overwhelmingly positive response. This talk was of special personal significance since the first speaker, Victoria, is a family friend. She is an HIV-positive, university student, who was sadly infected with HIV last summer by her longstanding boyfriend. She spoke, along with her HIV primary physician, Dr Philip Berger, who is a respected pioneer front-line AIDS specialist. (His father, Dr Saul Berger, is a retired dermatologist from Winnipeg.) Victoria touched many of us with her eloquence, intelligence and bravery. Dr Berger balanced her talk with his thorough presentation on current epidemiology, treatment and research of AIDS. He last spoke on AIDS to the TDS members in Therefore, it was time to revisit this topic and remind us of how relevant this incurable disease is. The second meeting, October 28, 2003 was Pediatric Night. Dr Bernice Krafchik invited her friend, renowned pediatric dermatologist, Dr Ronald Hansen, as our guest speaker. He tantalized us with tales of Psycho-Cutaneous Pediatric Diseases that he had encountered as Professor of Medicine & Pediatrics at the University of Arizona, and the Director of Pediatrics at the Phoenix Children's Hospital. As well, his expert advice as the co-editor of the recently published massive textbook Pediatric Dermatology (in which Dr Krafchik is also an author) was a valuable resource in discussing our 25 pediatric cases seen that evening. I wish to extend a sincere thank you for the unrestricted educational grants received from Galderma Canada and Stiefel Canada Inc. applied towards these two meetings. The dates of the next two meetings for this year are: Feb. 24, 2004: Dr Fran Cook-Bolden, Director of the Ethnic Skin Specialty Group, NYC. She will be speaking on the unique features of ethnic skin and hair disorders. Mar. 30, 2004: Dr Pearl Grimes, Los Angeles, CA. We look forward to interesting cases, lectures and discussion in the New Year. Please contact me, if you have any questions, feedback or members' news. Fax: or Toronto Events NEIL SHEAR, MD, Toronto The Alumni Ramsay dinner was held November 22. James Ronson Nethercott Occupational Health Clinic Dedication On October 27, 2003, the Nethercott Occupational Health Clinic was officially dedicated at St. Michael s Hospital in Toronto. Jim was a key member of the Division of Dermatology at the University, and was a founder of the specialty of Occupational Health in Canada. He built his program into a national and international leader, at the age of 35. He had moved to Johns Hopkins to chair the Occupational program there, and died in an unfortunate accident in The new Clinic at St. Michael s was named for him and the dedication was a moving testimony to a brilliant, energetic, caring, and charismatic physician. The date of the dedication coincided with what would have been Jim s 60 th birthday. Those who had a chance to work with Jim were all influenced by him. He is sorely missed, but fondly remembered. Ontario News DANIEL SCHACHTER, MD, Toronto There were two recent meetings in Toronto. The Laser Update at Women s College Site of Sunnybrook and Women s College Hospital on December 12, 2003, which featured Dr Jeff Dover with Drs Kucy Pon and Nowell Solish. The main topics of interest were photo-rejuvenation and the use of radio frequency technology. The 25th annual Post-graduate meeting at the Vaughan Estates at Sunnybrook in November of The guest lecturer was Steve Wolverton whose interests include Dermatological therapy and Pharmacogenetics. Dr Robert Lester who is now Senior Vice President at Sunnybrook and Women s College Hospital, in charge of clinical activities. He presented Dr Neil Shear a cheque for $150,000 for the future development of a freestanding dermatology institute in Toronto. Galderma continues to support the Ben Fisher Fellowship. This year s recipient was Dr Gavin Wong (from Liverpool). A new fellowship has been developed thanks to Fujisawa, named in honor of Dr Bernice Krafchik to support a fellowship in pediatric dermatology at the Hospital for Sick Children. Applications for the Ben Fisher fellowship should be directed to Dr Neil Shear and applications for the Dr Bernice Krafchik fellowship should be directed to Dr Elena Pope at the Hospital for Sick Children. Following the Post Graduate Meeting, Dr Neil Shear hosted the Colin Ramsay Alumni dinner to raise funds for the future Colin Ramsay Learning Center to be focused on educational resources and to house the CDA Library. Contributions can be continued on page 14 13

14 continued from page 13 made through Dr Neil Shear to the Sunnybrook and Women s College Foundation. There have been many contributions to the Colin Ramsay Fund especially by Leo Pharma (a leadership contribution). Dr Ramsay s family attended the dinner and felt the warmth and admiration that the guests felt for Dr Ramsay. The meeting and dinner was a very positive end to a challenging year. Dr Kim Papp says that there is a bill in second reading in the Ontario Legislature, preventing physicians from extra billing outside OHIP. With a change in the Ontario Government, he feels there will be continued difficulties in fee negotiations especially if the bill passes, giving physicians less leverage in dealing with the government. He feels there may be more erosion and less rewards. The Specialist Coalition has divisions within its ranks and versus the GP s, with divide and conquer as a possible end result in dealings with government. The new Ontario Liberal Government claims large deficits. Physicians like other groups in society should not expect positive results from fee negotiations. The new Federal Government may review the Canada Health Act in an attempt to liberalize its interpretation, to develop new methods of funding such as Co-payment. Dr Papp points out that clinical research is becoming increasingly difficult for Canada. Clinical studies are going to the United States. Although studies are efficiently completed in Canada when results of trials are submitted to HPB, the files may not be reviewed for up to two years. This means that it takes longer to launch new drugs. After clinical trials are completed in Canada there is a faster launch of a drug into the United States market. In London, Ontario Dr Alex Rostas has retired from clinical practice. Dr Claire Temple is a new plastic surgeon in London specializing in Melanoma. She runs a Pigmented Lesion clinic there. Congratulations to Lisa Kellet, Elena Poulos, Sam Cammisuli, Teca Torek and Melinda Gooderham on their recent additions to their families. We wish everyone well. Nova Scotia News JENNIFER KLOTZ, MD, Halifax Dr Peter Green joined the Division of Dermatology at the QEII Health Sciences Centre in October of this year. Peter will be 70% clinical and the rest of his time will be devoted to the undergraduate and postgraduate training program at Dalhousie University. Dr Green's new address is: Room Dickson Building, PO Box 9000, 5820 University Avenue, Halifax, NS B3K 6A3. Liz Burton, a second year medical student working with Dr Richard Langley this past summer, won first prize in the Resident's Research Day. Congratulations to Liz and Dr Richard Langley for their efforts. Last year, the Department of Medicine hosted a Winterfest evening. This event celebrated the non-medical talents of the physicians and staff within the Department of Medicine. Dr Scott Murray auctioned off his Scotty's Biscotti for $40, Dr Sandy Murray made a stain-glass wine bottle. Others had displays, Dr Laura Finlayson entered two crewel pictures, Gail VanSnick displayed needlepoint, and Dr Jennifer Klotz displayed a queen-sized quilt. The proceeds from this event went to two different charities. The MD5 band, who played at the CDA in Ottawa and featured Dr Scott Murray on keyboard, performed once again for the Department of Medicine's Annual Christmas Party and made it a rocking success. The Atlantic Provinces Dermatology Association Annual meeting is to be held in Corner Brook Newfoundland on January 30-31, It is expected that the papers will be excellent and the skiing at Marble Mountain perfect. In 2004 the Division of Dermatology is to acquire more space for their phototherapy unit. There will be some upgrading of the clinical area at this time as well. 14

15 Manitoba News EILEEN MURRAY, MD, Winnipeg Manitoba dermatologists receive an overall increase of FIFTEEN PERCENT in fees, effective Oct. 1, 2002 Last year the Manitoba Medical Association negotiated a Binding Arbitration Agreement with the government of Manitoba. A three person Board of Arbitration was appointed to determine the overall fee increases and began hearings February The overall fee increases for the period Oct. 1, 2002 until Mar. 31, 2005 are as follows: Oct. 1, % April 1, % plus $5 Million April 1, % plus $5 Million The additional money in 2003 and 2004 is to be used to shore up individual fees that are below the Ontario - Prairie average, which the MMA uses as the benchmark during its negotiations. Although the global increase was 3%, the increase is allocated on a bloc by bloc basis. Dermatology received an overall increase in Oct of 15%. Our on call fee doubled and dermatologists now receive the same fee as other medical specialists - $159. A fee of $10.00 is paid for all telephone, fax, or communications with all other health professionals. The Manitoba Medical Association has also negotiated a rebate on CMPA dues, keeping them at the 1986 level. Each physician also receives rebate for CME expenses, up to a maximum of $2400. /year. We salute Dr Lorne Hurst,for his effort and hard work on our behalf. Next year he will have some much-needed help. Along with Lorne, Shane Silver and Victoria Taraska have been appointed to the negotiations working group. Their task for the next year will be to conduct a review of our tariffs to ensure that any of them that do not meet the Ontario - Prairie average will be reevaluated. Jack Toole now a full professor! Jack Toole became a full Professor effective March 25, Jack was initially appointed Acting Section Head of Dermatology in the Department of Medicine on August 1, 1982 and soon after was appointed Section Head. He was promoted to Associate Professor on July 1, Jack is one of only two part-time individuals who are presently full professors in the department of Medicine. It is a fitting and well-deserved recognition of his more than 23 years of dedicated academic and clinical work at the University of Manitoba. Dermatology in Manitoba has benefited greatly from his service. Thank you and congratulations Jack! Dr Julie Powell, the Arthur R. Birt Memorial Lecturer, 2003 Dr Julie Powell was our Arthur R. Birt Memorial Lecturer this year. Her presentation Hemangiomas; When to worry, What to do, was a clear, practical and incisive review. She was also able to attend our Manitoba Dermatological Society meeting the evening before. Her charm, obvious expertise, advice and reassurance were appreciated not only by us but also by the parents of the children who came to the meeting. 15

16 JASON RIVERS, MD, Vancouver 1. Weichert G, Martinka M, Rivers JK. Intravascular Lymphoma Presenting as Telangectasias: Response to Rituximab and Combination Chemotherapy. J Cutan Med Surg Nov 12 (Epub ahead of print) PMID: (PubMed as supplied by publisher) 2. MacLennan R, Kelly JW, Rivers JK, Harrison SL. The Eastern Australian Childhood Nevus Study: site differences in density and size of melanocytic nevi in relation to latitude and phenotype. J Am Acad Dermatol Mar:48(3): PMID: (PubMed indexed for MEDLINE) 3. Rivers JK. Unusual melanoma types. Dermatol Clin Oct;20(4):727-33, x. Review. PMID: (PubMed indexed for MEDLINE) 4. Harrison SL, Buettner PG, MacLennan R, Kelly JW, Rivers JK. How good are parents at assessing melanocytic nevi on their children? A study comparing parental counts, dermatologist counts and counts obtained from photographs. Am J Epidemiol Jun 15;155(12): PMID: (PubMed indexed for MEDLINE) 5. Rivers JK, Arlette J, Shear N, Guenther L, Carey W, Poulin Y. Topical treatment of actinic keratoses with 3.0% diclofenac in 2.5% hyaluronan gel. Br J Dermatol Jan;146(1): PMID: (PubMed indexed for MEDLINE) ALASTAIR CARRUTHERS, MD, Vancouver 1. Carruthers J, Carruthers A, Maberley D: Deep Resting Glabellar Rhytides Respond to BTX-A and Hylan B. Dermatol Surg 2003;29: Corcoran Flynn T, Carruthers A, Carruthers J: Surgical Pearl: The use of the Ultra-Fine II short needle 0.3 cc insulin syringe for botulinum toxin injections. J Am Acad Dermatol June 2002;46: Carruthers JA., Low NJ, Menter MA, Gibson J, Nordquist M, Mordaunt J, Walker P, Eadie N. A multicentre, doubleblind, randomized, placebo-controlled study of the efficacy and safety of botulinum toxin type A in the treatment of glabellar lines. J Am Acad Dermatol 2002;46: Carruthers J, Carruthers A, Zelichowska A. The Power of Combined Therapies: Botox and Ablative Facial Laser Resurfacing. Amer J Cosmetic Surg 2000:17; Carruthers J, Carruthers A. Aesthetic Botulinum A Toxin in the Mid and Lower Face and Neck. Dermatol Surg 2003;29: Carruthers A, Carruthers J, Cohen J. A Prospective, Double- Blind, Randomized, Parellel-Group, Dose-Ranging Study of Botulinum Toxin Type A in Female Subjects with 16 Recently Published Articles Horizontal Forehead Rhytides. Dermatol Surg 2003;29: Carruthers A, Carruthers J. Special Issue of Dermatologic Surgery on Use of Botulinum Toxin. Dermatol Surg 2003;29: Carruthers A, Carruthers J, Flynn T. Surgical Pearl: Accurate documentation of facial lesions using only one landmark. J Am Acad Dermatol 2003;49: Carruthers J, Carruthers A. A Prospective, Randomized, Parallel Group Study Analyzing the Effect of BTX-A (Botox) and Nonanimal Sourced Hyaluronic Acid (NASHA, Restylane) in Combination Compared with NASHA (Restylane) Alone in Severe Glabellar Rhytides in Adult Female Subjects: Treatment of Severe Glabellar Rhytides with a Hyaluronic Acid Derivative Compared with the Derivative and BTX-A. Dermatol Surg 2003;29: DON GROOT, MD, Edmonton Groot D, Rao J, Johnston P, Nakatsui T. Algorithm for Using a Long-Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser in the Treatment of Deep Cutaneous Vascular Lesions. Dermatol Sug 29:1January 2003 J. BARRIE ROSS, MD, Halifax Aganna E, Martinon F, Hawkins PN, Ross JB, Swan DC, Booth DR, et al. Association of mutations in the NALP3 / CIAS1/PYPAF1 gene with a broad phenotype including recurrent fever, cold sensitivity, sensorineural deafness, and AA amyloidosis. Arthritis Rheum 2002;46: Marrie RA, Ross JB, Rockwood K: Pressure Ulcers: Prevalence, Staging, and Assessment of Risk. Geriatrics Today 2003: 6; RONALD B. VENDER, MD, Hamilton Digital Photography in Dermatology - Poster Presentation at the 20th World Congress of Dermatology Paris France Alternative Treatments for Atopic Dermatitis (a selected review) Poster Presentation at the 20th World Congress of Dermatology Paris France Diet & Atopic Dermatitis Poster Presentation at the 20th World Congress of Dermatology Paris France Patch testing and Atopic Dermatitis Poster Presentation at the 20th World Congress of Dermatology Paris France Efficacy of a thermal spring water in the treatment of mild atopic dermatitis -Phase II- International, Multicentre, continued on page 17

17 continued from page 16 Prospective, Randomized, Clinical and Instrumental, controlled intraindividual (left vs right) study - Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetic Laboratories and Research Institute, Vigoulet-Auzil, Cedex, France Poster Presentation at the 20th World Congress of Dermatology Paris France Vender RB. Alternative treatments for atopic dermatitis: a selected review. Skin Therapy Lett; 2002 Feb; 7(2): Vender RB. The utility of patch testing children with atopic dermatitis. Skin therapy Lett; 2002 Jun; 7(6): Digital Photography in Dermatology - Poster Presentation at the Dermatology Update Vancouver Alternative Treatments for Atopic Dermatitis (a selected review) Poster Presentation at the Dermatology Update Vancouver Diet & Atopic Dermatitis Poster Presentation at the Dermatology Update Vancouver 2002-Pimecrolimus 1% Cream the treatment of Atopic Dermatitis Poster Presentation at the Dermatology Update Vancouver (list of investigators) 2002-Patch testing and Atopic Dermatitis Poster Presentation at the Dermatology Update Vancouver Skin Therapy Letter 2003 Vender R. Adverse reactions to herbal therapy in dermatology. Skin Therapy Lett; 2003; 8(3): The Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis and other Dermatoses with Leukotriene Antagonists. Rackal JM & Vender R. Skin Therapy Letter (in press) 2003 Poster Presentation European Academy of Dermatology Annual General Meeting Pimecrolimus 1% Cream in Atopic Dermatitis: A 6-Month Prospective Naturalistic Study in 515 Canadian Patients Papp K 1,Kunynetz R 2, Lui H 3, Guenther L 4, Gupta A 5, Barber K 6,Murray E 7, Searles G 8,Miller R 9,Vender R 10, Neron S 11, Castilloux A 11, Deutsch G 11 on behalf of the Rainbow investigators 1 Probity Medical Research, Waterloo, ON; 2 UltraNova SkinCare, Barrie, ON; 3 UBC Division of Dermatology, Vancouver, BC; 4 Guenther Dermatology Research Centre, London, ON; 5 University of Toronto, Toronto, ON; 6 The Dermatology Centre, Calgary, AB; 7 Winnipeg Clinic, Winnipeg, MB; 8 Western Canada Dermatology Institute, Edmonton, AB; 9 Dermatology Associates, Halifax, NS; 10 The Dermatology Centre, Hamilton, ON; 11 Novartis Pharma Canada Inc., Dorval, QC 2003 Herman S & Vender R Antihistamines in the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis. (An Evidence Based Approach) Poster Presentation Dermatology Update November, Montreal QC 2003 Sasseville D & Vender R, Antihistamines in the 21st Century, Dermatology Scientific Update, McGill University Health Centre, July Digital Photography in Dermatology - Poster Presentation at the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Dermatology Association Ottawa Alternative Treatments for Atopic Dermatitis (a selected review) Poster Presentation at the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Dermatology Association Ottawa Diet & Atopic Dermatitis Poster Presentation at the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Dermatology Association Ottawa Patch testing and Atopic Dermatitis Poster Presentation at the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Dermatology Association Ottawa Antihistamines in the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis. (An Evidence Based Approach) Poster Presentation. American Academy of Dermatology Summer Session Chicago Antihistamines in the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis. (An Evidence Based Approach) Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery: Incorporating Medical and Surgical Dermatology. (First Online 12 Nov 2003) 17

18 Resident s Room / La salle du résident CDA Resident and Fellows Society (CDA-RFS) ANATOLI FREIMAN, MD, Montreal, ADAM NATSHEH, MD, Toronto The following is a letter recently sent to Dermatology Program Directors and Department Chairs, from Anatoli Freiman, MD (McGill University) and Adam Natsheh, MD (University of Toronto): We are pleased to announce that at a recent meeting of Canadian Dermatology Association Board of Directors, a motion was passed for the creation of the first ever Canadian Dermatology Association Resident and Fellows Society (CDA-RFS). Our aim is to foster camaraderie among dermatology residents in the country, to strengthen and enhance awareness of Canadian dermatology during residency and to promote residents involvement in the CDA. CDA-RFS will have a web-site and will hold its first Annual General Assembly in conjunction with the CDA meeting in Victoria in Our newly-formed executive committee consists of representatives from each of the dermatology training programs across the country: University of British Columbia - Marcie Ulmer, MD University of Alberta - Benjamin Barankin, MD University of Ottawa - Lyne Giroux, MD University of Toronto - Adam Natsheh, MD McGill University - Anatoli Freiman, MD Université de Montréal - Eva Coulibaly, MD Université de Laval - Geneviève Therien, MD Dalhousie University - Syed Pirzada, MD Our vision is to build a united, strong and cohesive group of Canadian dermatology residents. This is an exciting time for dermatology and we hope to count on your support. Interesting Things that the Children of Dermatologists are Doing ROBERT JACKSON, MD, Ottawa Allan Pace is the son of William Bill Pace of London, Ontario. We know Bill well as a long-time CDA member, a recipient of the Canadian Dermatology Foundation s Practitioner of the Year Award, and for his role in the development of benzoyl peroxide in the treatment of acne. Allan is a potter and operator of Canoe North Adventures. His pottery is done at The Farmhouse Pottery near Orangeville, Ontario. His specialty is in handthrown stoneware garden vessels of which we have quite a selection (see photographs). He is quite well known, his works having been given as presents by the Province of Ontario to Pope John Paul II, and to Her Majesty the Queen. Allan s more recent pottery has clearly been influenced by his northern Canadian river trips. Some of the b lue layering reminds one of the colour and shape of the scenery seen on the Nahanni, and other northern Canadian rivers. Bill is very proud of his son and so he should be. Evidence-Based Dermatology ANATOLI FREIMAN, MD, Montreal As all of us review articles at journal clubs, there is a great resource I came across and would like to recommend a book by Trisha Greenhalgh How to Read a Paper. This piece and the JAMA s Users Guides to the Medical Literature collection are the true gems for critical appraisal of the literature. Also, check out a superb evidence-based dermatology website Happy evidence-hunting! If you have a brief contribution to make to the CDA Bulletin on what your children are doing, please send it to Dr Charles Lynde. 18

19 Did You Know? R. ROY FORSEY, MD, Montreal DAVID GRATTON, MD Montreal Did you know that a Canadian Dermatologist sat on the Board of Governors of a major teaching hospital in Canada? In 1974 one David Gratton was a senior resident in dermatology at the Montreal General Hospital, he was elected to represent his peers, the interns and residents on the Board of Management of the Hospital. For one year he rubbed elbows with many of the elite of the Montreal business world. The president of the hospital at that time told me that David made a meaningful contribution to their deliberations. In spite of this and through no fault of David s the Government of Quebec did not persist with this appointment and thus it remains unique. David Gratton was born in Quebec City on June 4 th Shortly after the family moved to Montreal where he received his primary and secondary education. In 1969 he graduated with his BA from the Université de Montréal and he received his MD from the University of Ottawa in Following this he spent one year as a straight intern in medicine at the Montreal General Hospital and two years in Dermatology at that institution, being the chief resident in David completed his dermatological training at the University of Ottawa in He received his fellowship in dermatology by examination in 1975 and became a diplomat of the American Board of Dermatology in He was appointed to the attending staff of the Department of Dermatology at the Montreal General Hospital in 1975 and rose to the rank of senior dermatologist in He also held a post on the attending staff at the Royal Victoria Hospital from 1995 to He is the only one or certainly one of the very few to hold a post at both teaching hospitals at McGill. He was on the active staff of the Queen Mary Veterans Hospital from 1975 to 1977, the Lachine General Hospital from 1975 to 1993 and the St Anne s Veterans Hospital from 1988 to He was program director in dermatology at McGill in 1995 to 1998 and is an associate professor of medicine (dermatology) at McGill University. David is a popular speaker and lecturer and has taken part in the meetings of many organizations and symposiums. He is an honorary member of the Toronto Dermatology Society. During his undergraduate years he was a member of the Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve and was appointed Surgeon Lieutenant in the Reserve. In spite of the fact that he runs a very busy dermatological practice and that he continues to teach in out patient clinic at the Montreal General Hospital, he is a principal investigator for International Dermatology Research Incorporated. He has been the investigator or a participant in over 78 clinical investigation studies. He serves on the editorial board of some six periodicals and has produced a number of educational videos. He has participated in twentytwo scientific publications. In spite of his very busy life David is fundamentally a family man. He and Reine were married in 1971 and they have two children. Their daughter who recently married will graduate in Law this spring and their son Antoine has made himself a career in music and is frequently heard on the CBC in Montreal. David plays squash regularly and loves to ski. The Gratton s reside near the top of Mount Royal and David can be seen slipping through his backyard and either walking his dog (a great dane) or cross-country skiing or jogging on the top of the mountain. One wonders how one person can do all that David does noting that he is always cheerful and always ready to lend a hand when asked. One of my great pleasures is to share the Monday morning clinic at the Montreal General Hospital with David. McGill Honours Dr Roy Forsey LOUIS VOGEL, Publisher Dr Roy Forsey recently received an engraved wristwatch from the McGill University Health Center Quarter Century plus celebration gift to mark 55 years of service at McGill. David is or has been an active member of many learned societies and has been a past secretary (last of the four year appointments) and past president of the Canadian Dermatology Association. He was a recipient of the President s Award at the CDA annual meeting in He has served on the accreditation survey team of the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada on two occasions in 1989 and in 1990 and has been an examiner for fellowship in 1981 to 1984 and 1991 to

20 Obituaries / Nécrologies John E. Mitchell HARVEY LUI, MD, Vancouver Dear Colleague, It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of Dr John E. Mitchell on November 7, Dr Mitchell was a great dermatologist, researcher, and educator. We are very fortunate that John chose to establish his Dermatology career in Canada. Please see below the notice from his family. In addition to his many accomplishments, John was instrumental in establishing the British Columbia Dermatology Foundation, which was one of the forerunner organizations to the Canadian Dermatology Foundation. He will be greatly missed by us all. In Memororiam Mitchell, Dr John E. MD, FRCPC, FACP John was born in Redditch, England on March 19, John died peacefully November 7, 2003 surrounded by his family. He will remain forever in the hearts and memories of his loving family and friends. John is survived by Carol, his constant companion, his sons and daughters. Robert, Bruce (Kathy), Kathy, Susan and Cameron and his grandchildren William (Christiane), Tina (Pat), Keith, Shelagh and great-grandchildren Sara, Johnathan, Emma and Eveline. John attended Epsom College, fought in WWII, studied at London Hospital. In 1953 he immigrated to Canada with the RCAF to North Bay, Ontario. In 1956 he moved to North Vancouver, BC. John practiced Dermatology in the Lower Mainland and Sunshine Coast, taught at UBC, researched at Shaughnessy Hospital and in 1970 published Botanical Dermatology which to this day can be accessed on the Internet. John retired in 1998, and spent time gardening, playing with his parrot (Sally), walking his dogs, raising fish and playing chess with his children. His family would like to express their thanks to all the friends and relatives who filled John's final days with love and warmth. Dr Rex Long, thank you for your support and providing care for our father. Dr Lila Redmond Lila Redmond WILLIAM GERSTEIN, MD, Montreal With the passing of Dr Lila Redmond on November 28, 2003 in Montreal, Canadian Dermatology lost one of its most colourful and longterm practioners. Dr Redmond was a link with the classic school of dermatology, having trained in New York City with Dr Marion Sulzberger in the forties. She graduated from McGill University in Medicine in On her application to join the CDA in 1950, her references were two prominent female dermatologists, Dr Ricky Schachter and Dr Paula Schlopflocker. Throughout her long career, Dr Redmond was associated with the Montreal Children s Hospital, as well as the Herbert Reddy Memorial Hospital in Montreal, and was the head of the dermatology section there. When that hospital folded its doors due to a government-mandated reorganization, she continued her private practice in Montreal. A faithful attender of the clinical meetings of the Montreal Dermatology Society, her comments there were always witty and original. She will be sorely missed by her patients and family, and will leave fond memories with the members of the dermatological community in Montreal and Canada. 20



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The Evolution of Asset Management L'évolution de la gestion des actifs 27.5

The Evolution of Asset Management L'évolution de la gestion des actifs 27.5 The Evolution of Asset Management L'évolution de la gestion des actifs W i n t e r / H i v e r 2 0 1 0 2 0 1 1 27.5 Group home and auto insurance Insurance as simple as for members of the Canadian Society

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Engineering Practice: Civil Engineers in the Workplace La pratique du génie : l ingénieur civil en milieu de travail 27.1

Engineering Practice: Civil Engineers in the Workplace La pratique du génie : l ingénieur civil en milieu de travail 27.1 Engineering Practice: Civil Engineers in the Workplace La pratique du génie : l ingénieur civil en milieu de travail s p r i n g / p r i n t e m p s 2 0 1 0 27.1 Group home and auto insurance Insurance

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Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada

Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada The Accreditation Bulletin 1 One of the most important reasons why accreditation systems are established is to encourage continual improvement in education.

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GRAVITAS. 2 Réflexions. Collaboration is the Key By: Irving Gold, Vice President, Government Relations and External Affairs

GRAVITAS. 2 Réflexions. Collaboration is the Key By: Irving Gold, Vice President, Government Relations and External Affairs m. (feminine gravitatis) a quality of substance or depth m. (feminine gravitatis) caractère de ce qui a de l importance The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada L Association des facultés de

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PASSAGES. Fédération de professionnels chinois canadiens (Québec) Federation of Chinese Canadian Professionals (Quebec) No. 28 Spring/Printemps 2004

PASSAGES. Fédération de professionnels chinois canadiens (Québec) Federation of Chinese Canadian Professionals (Quebec) No. 28 Spring/Printemps 2004 PASSAGES Fédération de professionnels chinois canadiens (Québec) Federation of Chinese Canadian Professionals (Quebec) No. 28 Spring/Printemps 2004 Newsletter Committee Chair: Virginia LAM Members: Yew-Chong

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PSYNOPSIS. Innovations in Psychological Health Service Delivery. Les innovations dans la prestation de services de santé de psychologie SPECIAL ISSUE

PSYNOPSIS. Innovations in Psychological Health Service Delivery. Les innovations dans la prestation de services de santé de psychologie SPECIAL ISSUE PSYNOPSIS Fall/Automne 2012 - Volume 34 No. 4 CANADA S PSYCHOLOGY MAGAZINE LE MAGAZINE DES PSYCHOLOGUES DU CANADA CANADIAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION SOCIÉTÉ CANADIENNE DE PSYCHOLOGIE SPECIAL ISSUE Innovations

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Annual Report Rapport Annuel 2007

Annual Report Rapport Annuel 2007 Annual Report Rapport Annuel 2007 Thursday November 1, 2007 Jeudi le 1 novembre, 2007 Renaissance Vancouver Hotel Harbourside Vancouver B.C. Table of Contents - Table des matières CAM 2007 Board of Directors

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CommuniquéSPRING/PRINTEMPS Bringing commissionaires together Rallier les commissionnaires

CommuniquéSPRING/PRINTEMPS Bringing commissionaires together Rallier les commissionnaires CommuniquéSPRING/PRINTEMPS Bringing commissionaires together Rallier les commissionnaires 2012 Serving 500+ private and public sector sites Au service de plus de 500 installations privées et publiques

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L inform accueil. 1 er. Sommaire ÉDITORIAL. La ressource formée et informée : une ressource d avenir. Volume 5 Numéro 1 Avril 2013

L inform accueil. 1 er. Sommaire ÉDITORIAL. La ressource formée et informée : une ressource d avenir. Volume 5 Numéro 1 Avril 2013 Veuillez prendre note de notre nouvelle adresse à compter du 1 er avril 2013 8500, boulevard Henri-Bourassa, bureau 256 L inform accueil Québec (Québec) G1G 5X1 1 er Avril La ressource formée et informée

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The Canadian Industrial & Organizational Psychologist

The Canadian Industrial & Organizational Psychologist The Canadian Industrial & Organizational Psychologist Volume 27, Number 4 Summer 2011 Chair s Column 1 CSIOP Membership 4 CSIOP News 5 Conversations 6 Big Country 7 Communications Update 17 Student Update

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A little about JUMP There was recently

A little about JUMP There was recently December 2012 A Summer School for Women in Math 8 IN THIS ISSUE DANS CE NUMÉRO From the Vice-President s Desk A little about JUMP... 1 Quelques faits au sujet du programme JUMP... 4 Editorial Talks and

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Banking, Trade and Commerce. Banques et du commerce. Proceedings of the Standing Senate Committee on. Délibérations du Comité sénatorial permanent des

Banking, Trade and Commerce. Banques et du commerce. Proceedings of the Standing Senate Committee on. Délibérations du Comité sénatorial permanent des First Session Forty-first Parliament, 2011 Première session de la quarante et unième législature, 2011 Proceedings of the Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce Délibérations du Comité

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PMI-Montréal, Gala ÉLIXIR 2008 : HATCH gagnant du prix du projet de l année PMI-Montreal s ÉLIXIR Gala 2008: HATCH receives Project of the Year award

PMI-Montréal, Gala ÉLIXIR 2008 : HATCH gagnant du prix du projet de l année PMI-Montreal s ÉLIXIR Gala 2008: HATCH receives Project of the Year award février 2008 / February 2008 PMI-Montréal, Gala ÉLIXIR 2008 : HATCH gagnant du prix du projet de l année PMI-Montreal s ÉLIXIR Gala 2008: HATCH receives Project of the Year award ISSN 1911-7612 L EXPRESS

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Canadian Health Libraries Association / Association des bibliothèques de la santé du Canada 2013-2014. Annual Report / Rapport annuel 2013-2014

Canadian Health Libraries Association / Association des bibliothèques de la santé du Canada 2013-2014. Annual Report / Rapport annuel 2013-2014 Canadian Health Libraries Association / Association des bibliothèques de la santé du Canada 2013-2014 Annual Report / Rapport annuel 2013-2014 Available Online Only Table of Contents/Table des matières

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Vo l u m e 3 5, n o 1

Vo l u m e 3 5, n o 1 J o u r n a l d e s é t u d i a n t - e - s e n d r o i t d e l u n i v e r s i t é M c G i l l M c G i l l L a w s W e e k l y S t u d e n t N e w s p a p e r Vo l u m e 3 5, n o 1 2 4 s e p t e m b r

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FROM THE PRESIDENT S DESK. Richard Kane CMS NOTES de la SMC Volume 31 No. 7 November / novembre 1999 In this issue / Dans ce numéro Editorial... 2 A Canadian Mathematics and Careers Resource?... 3 Book Review... 4 Du bureau du président... 6

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record ON THE Occupational Therapists from Across Ontario are Helping Shape the Quality Assurance Program

record ON THE Occupational Therapists from Across Ontario are Helping Shape the Quality Assurance Program record ON THE VOLUME 8 ISSUE 1 WINTER 2008 Occupational Therapists from Across Ontario are Helping Shape the Quality Assurance Program Les ergothérapeutes de l Ontario aident à perfectionner le programme

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DavidSuzuki. adecco.ca EXCLUSIVE/ EN EXCLUSIVITÉ. Doing well by doing good for the earth/ La rareté des ressources, un enjeu quotidien

DavidSuzuki. adecco.ca EXCLUSIVE/ EN EXCLUSIVITÉ. Doing well by doing good for the earth/ La rareté des ressources, un enjeu quotidien Brought to you by Adecco, Canada s Leading HR Resource Une initiative d Adecco, leader mondial en ressources humaines EXCLUSIVE/ EN EXCLUSIVITÉ DavidSuzuki Doing well by doing good for the earth/ La rareté

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Publication of the Swiss Canadian Chambers of Commerce Ontario and Quebec Publication des Chambres de Commerce Canado-Suisse de l Ontario et du Québec

Publication of the Swiss Canadian Chambers of Commerce Ontario and Quebec Publication des Chambres de Commerce Canado-Suisse de l Ontario et du Québec Publication of the Swiss Canadian Chambers of Commerce Ontario and Quebec Publication des Chambres de Commerce Canado-Suisse de l Ontario et du Québec December/January Décembre / Janvier 2014/2015 Feature/Reportage:

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Vo l u m e 3 5, n o 1 0

Vo l u m e 3 5, n o 1 0 J o u r n a l d e s é t u d i a nt - e - s e n d r o i t d e l u n i v e r s i t é M cg i l l M c G i l l L a w s W e e k l y S t u d e n t N e w s p a p e r Vo l u m e 3 5, n o 1 0 1 4 j a n v i e r 2

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APEGNB EXECUTIVE AND COUNCIL PUBLISHED BY: The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of New Brunswick 183 Hanwell Road, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada E3B 2R2 Tel: 506-458-8083 Fax: 506-451-9629 e-mail: info@apegnb.com

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CGA. Implementing the HST in BC and Ontario La TVH en Colombie- Britannique et en Ontario

CGA. Implementing the HST in BC and Ontario La TVH en Colombie- Britannique et en Ontario july august / juillet août 2010 CGA m a g a z i n e What to Know About Share-for-Share Exchanges L échange d actions : ce qu il faut savoir Financial Reporting for Mining, Oil and Gas L information financière

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In Memoriam 4. The People Behind AIMS 2005-2006 L équipe de l AIMS 2005-2006 5

In Memoriam 4. The People Behind AIMS 2005-2006 L équipe de l AIMS 2005-2006 5 Table of Contents Table des matières In Memoriam 4 The People Behind AIMS 2005-2006 L équipe de l AIMS 2005-2006 5 Message from the Chairman Rapport du président du conseil d administration 7 President

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QUID NOVI. Journal des étudiant-e-s en droit de l université McGill. Published by the McGill Law Students Association

QUID NOVI. Journal des étudiant-e-s en droit de l université McGill. Published by the McGill Law Students Association QUID NOVI Journal des étudiant-e-s en droit de l université McGill Published by the McGill Law Students Association Elections Edition 7 avril 2015 April 7, 2015 QUID NOVI Journal des étudiant-e-s en droit

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