Annual General Meeting Lycée Français of Singapore LTD Thursday June 4th 2015

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1 Annual General Meeting Lycée Français f Singapre LTD Thursday June 4th 2015 The Lycée Français f Singapre (LFS) cnsists f 91 Crprate Members (representing 308 «crprate» vtes) and 1,451 Individual Members (representing 1,451 «individual» vtes). 10 Crprate Members representing 125 vtes and 392 Individual Members representing 392 vtes are present r represented. A qurum being present, the President f the Executive Cmmittee, Axel Fucault, pens the sessin at 6.50 p.m. The President thanks thse present, parents and representatives f cmpanies as well as thse wh gave their prxy. He als thanks Mrs. Eldie Guttefangeas, Legal Manager and Assistant t the Executive Cmmittee as well as Mrs. Crrine Petit, General Secretary, fr rganizing the Annual General Meeting. The President gives the flr t the Cunsellr fr Cperatin and Cultural Affairs, whse speech can be fund in Annexe I. The President thanks the Cunsellr fr Cperatin and Cultural Affairs and delivers a speech, which can be fund in Annexe II. The President thanks thse peple wh have left the LFS during the schl year r wh are ging t leave in September 2015: - Teachers: Sylvie FALCONNET Hélène BRIER Amandine FROMENT-MOULIA Myriam LOUBIERE Brigitte DE BERAIL Nicle MONGIS Aurélia MONTAGNE Jean-Yves MOULIA Vincent NAJOSKY Céline MALET Cherith THOMPSON Christphe VILQUIN - Supervisrs and educatinal assistants: Administratin Tel : (65) , Fax : (65) Ecle primaire Tel : /192 Vie sclaire Tel : Service cmptable Tel : Site internet :

2 - Nurse : Flriane GASNERIE Liazid MESSAD Patricia MORRO Lan NGUYEN Nadine MUSY - Administrative team: Zhra BEN DAYA Pascale DE PRAETERE Bénédicte MEZERET Crine MARTIN Bérangère TAMAGNAUD Camille LEFEVRE Virgili PELEJO Thmas PIGNIER Bénédicte SEMONT Delphine REDON - Finally, in the management team Cyril OUACHAM Sébastien GIBERT The Principal, Bernard PUJOL, pays tribute t Cyril OUACHAM, wh returned t France in January fr health reasns, wh gave the Lycée his lyalty, intelligence and slicitude twards the students. He wishes him great success in France in the years t cme. The Principal als thanks Sébastien GIBERT fr his cmmitment. Sébastien GIBERT has shaped the Kindergarten fr three years with his prfessinal insight and care fr the success f all the children. He wishes him als the best fr the future. 1. Apprval f the Minutes f the Extrardinary General Meeting f March 5 th 2015 The President reminds everyne that the Minutes were sent ut with the ntices and that cpies are available fr participants in the General Meeting. The Minutes f the Extrardinary General Meeting f March 5 th are unanimusly apprved. 2. Activity Reprt n the beginning f the schl year The President highlights the fact that the schl year has been rich in prjects and schemes and thanks thse wrking with him, Sébastien GIBERT, Claude MORBELLI, Magali JOURDAN and Nafissa ZBAIRI wh successfully tk n the rle f Vice-Principal at shrt ntice after the unexpected departure f Cyril OUACHAM. He als thanks the teaching, administratin and maintenance teams. Numbers The Principal reminds everyne that the numbers in September 2014 at the start f the schl year were 2537 students: - Kindergarten: Elementary: Secndary: 978 The LFS has 204 teachers divided as fllws: n lcal cntract - 60 with resident status - 2 expatriate teachers - 4 expatriates n the Management team Kindergarten The Principal presents the main events f the past schl year, by theme: 2

3 Discvery f lcal cultures: - Indian week (PS) - Chinese New Year (MS) with visits, discvery wrkshps r shws - Discvery f the Malay culture (GS) Envirnmental educatin: - Implementatin f paper recycling and extensin t ther materials - Implementatin f calendars I my planet + actin f the mnth - Ec-schl Green Award Language Curriculum at the Schl: - Implementatin f EMILE (+ Training f English teachers) - Sprts lessns in English - Visit f a Singaprean authr: Shamini FLINT - Theatre excursins in English Large prjects: - Tasting week (PS) + chclate wrkshps (MS and GS) - Christmas Cncerts (GS-MS) - Humanitarian Prjects: Walkathn (PS and MS), blindness awareness (GS) - The wrld f insects (GS) - Discvery f the marine wrld (MS) - Shws (MS-GS) - Discvering the farm (GS) - Perfume wrkshps (PS) - The Imaginarium Exhibitin (PS) - Making a bk (GS) Cperatin with Singapre: - Green Award - Cllabratin with the Btanic Gardens - Cllabratin with La Petite Ecle I.T. Educatin: - Implementatin f tablet wrkshps (MS and GS) - Internal training n interactive whitebard and tablets Prjects fr the schl year are as fllws: - Swimming fr MS and GS in half year cycles - Prject n mtr skills - Scter bicycle practice fr all the kindergarten - Organizatin f specific catering fr the PS classes in a separate rm - Implementatin f mdules accrding t language requirements - Implementatin f the new prgrammes Cncerning the Kindergarten s Language Curriculum, the Principal emphasizes that the main change is that classes with language parity (English +) will n lnger start in MS but in GS in rder t evaluate a child s ability t jin an English + class with mre equanimity. Language requirement mdules have been created, t enable the children t be assisted accrding t their language level and t give them the necessary fundatins, in their mther tngue fr the acquisitin f a secnd language. Cycle 2 The Principal presents the main prjects f the past schl year, by theme: Science: - Birds: excursin t the Bird Park (CE1) - Fish: excursin t the Aquarium (CP) - Animals in general: vernight trip t the z (CE1) Mastery f French and English: 3

4 - Reading cmpetitins and challenges (CP and CE1) - Theatre in English (CP) - Literary prizes: Chrns and les Incrruptibles Language Curriculum in the schl: - Implementatin f EMILE sessins + training fr English teachers - Sprts lessns in English - Visit by a Singaprean authr: Shamini Flint - Theatre Excursins in English Majr Prjects: - Tasting Week (CP) - Christmas Cncerts - Humanitarian Prjects: tea twels and Christmas cards (CP) - Press Week (CE1) - French Language Week (CP) Culture: - Museum prject, arts, Arts Evening (CP) - Discvery f pera and peratic prfessins (CP) - Musical Tales (CP + CE1) - Stamp cllecting - Cllabratin with the Btanic Gardens - Cllabratin with La Petite Ecle I.T Educatin: - Implementatin f Ipad wrkshps - Research initiative f sme teachers and IT wrkshps Discvery f lcal cultures: - Chinese New Year, wrkshps r lin dance perfrmances - Discvery f lcal wet markets Prjects fr the schl year are as fllws: - In the bi-langue prgramme: implementatin f 3 hrs. English plus 1 hr. EMILE and 1 hr. Sprt in English - 4 classes f CP and 4 classes f CE1 with language parity English + (with establishment f 2 hr. mdule in English r French accrding t the students needs). Cycle 3 The Principal presents the main prjects fr the past schl year, by theme: Language Mastery: - Reading cmpetitins/challenges - Literary prizes: Chrns - Segalen - Making a bk with an authr - Drama perfrmance Discvery f lcal cultures: - Chinese New Year: visits, wrkshps, perfrmances - Excursins t Little India, Chinatwn - Excursins t a Chinese restaurant r t a Chinese Medicine shp Arts and culture - Meetings with artists: singer, authr, wrkshps - Excursins t the museum r exhibitins - Cncerts - Theatrical perfrmances in English - Student shws I.T.: - Research initiative: integratin f new technlgies int classrm practices - Exchange f practices -Prvisin f trlleys with prtable cmputers 4

5 Sprt: - Crss-cuntry - Aquathln - Sprts Day/level - Reginal prjects in sprt: ftball, rugby - All classes: swimming The Principal pints ut that the same brad guidelines will be retained fr the 2015/2016 schl year. The Principal emphasizes that numerus changes have been implemented in Cycles 2 and 3 cncerning languages. The majr ne is the pening f new English + classes in CP and CE1, taking their number frm 2 t 4. The cntent f the teaching mdules has been reviewed, t ensure that in each prgramme, either with parity in hurs r in the classic system, a specific mdule is available fr the students fr them t be able t make real prgress in the language where their skills are mre fragile. Thus even in the classes with parity in hurs, this parity will n lnger be exactly equal but adapted t the needs f the children, with a greater number f hurs fr ne f the languages. The Principal pints ut that at the end f cycle 3, the students will be prepared fr their entrance int 6 ème and will be able t chse between the British Internatinal Sectin, which already exists and the Bilangue Sectin. As they prgress thrugh their curriculum, they will be able t pt fr the Oriental Sectin (in 4 ème ), which shuld be rganized frm the beginning f the schl year in 2016, r the Eurpean Sectin (in 2 nde ). The Secndary Schl The majr prjects f the past schl year were based n the fllwing themes: Discvery f lcal cultures: - Prjects MUN: SIMUN, THIMUN, PYMUN - Exchanges and partnerships with schls: Tanglin Schl, Nanyang Plytechnic, MOELC, NUS High Schl etc - French Language Week: wrkshps with the directr Davy CHOU Sprts Prjects - Crss-cuntry LFS - Rck climbing cmpetitins - Rugby turnament in Hng Kng - Asian Ftball Cup - Swimming in Shanghai - Athletics - Internatinal Yuth days (JIJ) in Autrans - ACSIS cmpetitins - Basketball cmpetitins: Kuala Lumpur - Badmintn turnament: Jakarta Career Guidance and Orientatin: - A careers frum - A students frum - Lectures and presentatins n careers: HEC Paris, Vatel, Ecle Centrale Paris, Sciences P Paris, Htel Schl f Lausanne, IEP le Havre, Dauphine, IESEG, Sup de C, ESSEC, ESAG Schl trips and excursins: - Krabi (1S), - Cambdia: humanitarian prject (1ES) - Cambdia: in the ftsteps f Marguerite DURAS (1L) - Camp Sembawang (4 ème ) - Excursins: museums, theatre, cinema, field trips, scientific labratries Language Curriculum: - La Fiesta de muerts - ANZAC week: Australia / New Zealand - CHINESE week - FRENCH LANGUAGE week - The AZIMUT prize - The SEGALEN prize 5

6 - PRESS Week Cultural prjects: - Music: Christmas cncert, Singapre in Harmny clip, Chir with WAB - Theatre: le Crps theatre, Lysistrata, Camille Claudel - Arts: illustratin with F. PLACE, wrkshps with PLANTU, Art and Science exhibitin, Art wrkshp exhibitin, ST EXUPERY exhibitin, artist in residence, abriginal arts. Educatinal and humanitarian prjects The Principal presents sme majr educatinal and humanitarian prjects, such as the extensive participatin in the Mathematics and Chemistry Olympiads. The Lycée had many mre candidates in the general cmpetitin than in the past. Events were rganized such as the Science Fair, the Cinema Festival, the Lands f Asia exhibitin as well as the literary cntest Asian Ink. Writing-based prjects were als rganized, with the magazine Vx Rmana, the plemic dictinary t be distributed shrtly, and the LFS newspaper. A phtgraphy cmpetitin Asian Territries was rganized, fr which the students were entered. The Principal thanks the members f the Humanitarian Grup in additin fr their invlvement and cmmitment. The fllwing humanitarian prjects were rganized: the Walkathn, the Talent Shw and the medieval shw by the 5 èmes. The Principal adds that events were als rganized fr the festival VOILAH. This invlved lectures n Malraux, a St. Exupéry exhibitin, presentatins by Jean-Pierre GUENO and a visit by Plantu. The Principal pints EXUPERY that many visits by authrs and jurnalists als tk place. The Lycée has received numerus prpsitins fr the cming schl year and will d everything pssible t prvide the maximum number f presentatins and lectures t its students. The Principal annunces finally that the JIJ (Jurnées Internatinales de la Jeunesse, Internatinal yuth day) fr the next schl year will be rganized at the LFS. This is an event rganized in partnership with the Agency fr French Educatin Abrad (AEFE) and the Natinal Unin fr Schl Sprt (UNSS), which is held fr tw cnsecutive years in France and 1 year abrad. The Lycée will hst arund 400 students fr a week frm the netwrk and France fr sprts cmpetitins and a cultural discvery f Suth-East Asia. The bjective f these games is t prmte meetings, sharing and enjyment. The rganizatin f the JIJ 2016 at the LFS was annunced during the 25 th anniversary celebratins f the AEFE and cnfirmed by the Secretary f State fr Sprt and the President f the UNSS. This will take place at the end f May/beginning f June. The return t schl in September 2015 The Principal reminds everyne that after 3 ème, the students will be able t chse between three types f Secnde: the Internatinal, Eurpean r Classic Sectin. The Eurpean Sectin will be cntinued in Première Class either in Histry and Gegraphy fr the Ecnmics and Scial Science, Literary and Science streams r, starting frm September 2015,in the Physical Sciences fr the Science stream. Prfessinal develpment The Principal states that prfessinal develpment is an imprtant element in the life f the schl as it impacts n the quality f the teaching prvided. 29 training curses were rganized within the reginal training framewrk fr 78 persnnel, sme f whm participated in several training curses members f the administrative staff (including members f the management team) - 28 staff members frm the Primary Schl - 25 staff members frm the Secndary Schl The LFS hsted 3 reginal Asia Pacific training curses. The Principal pints ut that reginal prfessinal develpment is rganized by schls in the AEFE netwrk, in the gegraphic regin cncerned. It is mainly destined fr permanent persnnel qualified in the French educatinal system and enables them t wrk n the new prgrammes. In additin, the LFS has an increasing amunt f internal prfessinal develpment training. This allws mre persnnel t be invlved. Wrk has been started n the Internatinal Sectins and languages as well as n the new technlgies. Training by department has als been rganized, fr example fr the Cmmunicatin Department. 6

7 A seminar n gvernance was held in Nvember in Singapre, enabling an exchange f gd practices. Overview f the Educatinal Plan ( Prjet d Etablissement ) The Principal annunces that the Schl Develpment Plan will be presented at a future Educatinal Cmmittee meeting. A wrking cpy will be submitted t the Educatinal Cmmittee befre being put nline n the LFS website. It will allw everyne t discver the majr themes brken dwn int different bjectives and actins. The 2014/2015 examinatins The Principal reminds everyne that the Baccalauréat will take place frm June 15 th t 18 th. The advance examinatins fr the Première students will be rganized n June 18 th and 19 th. The Brevet examinatin will be held n June 22 nd and 23 rd. All the rals will be held between June 15 th and 24 th. The presentatin f medals ceremny fr the Baccalauréat and graduatin diplmas will be held n June 30 th frm 5 p.m. Departures 2014/2015 The Principal says that Sébastien GIBERT will be replaced by Sébastien CLERGEAU, currently wrking in Australia. He adds that Cyril OUACHAM will be replaced by Nadine VIAL-PRADEL, frm the Academy f Nice and Philippe LUQUET, frm the Academy f Lyn. Questins received: The President states that questins have been received cncerning pedaggic activities at the LFS. He prceeds t read them ut. I prpse that the cuncils and cmmittees study ad hc the fllwing questin: Wearing a swimming cap has been made cmpulsry fr swimming (essentially t limit the spread f lice); nw wearing an anti-uv ray tp, particularly fr the yung students shuld be made cmpulsry. The new schl plans d nt shw any velum (either n the playgrunds r n the pl) and the new pl will thus be in the direct sunlight like the ld ne. Recmmending hlding swimming lessns at less dangerus times is wishful thinking as it is nt practical and seems difficult t envisage in view f the schl demgraphy. Besides, the sun is dangerus at all times in Singapre since we are n the equatr. Allw me t attach an infrmatin and awareness nte that I wrte when I was n the Cmmittee fr Health and Citizenship Educatin (CESC). It demnstrates that whatever the perid f the year, the intensity f UV rays is classified as extreme as well as the risk f skin lesins and eye damage resulting frm it. This prpsal has already been made. Culd yu let us knw f any fllw-up? The Principal highlights the imprtance f this questin in Singapre since, given its prximity with the equatr; the heat and intensity f UV rays are high. Preventative actins have already been implemented: fr example sprts tee shirts, which are part f the unifrm, are made with anti-uv materials. It is nt hwever pssible at this stage t impse an anti-uv swimsuit fr pl activities. The Lycée is, n the ther hand, ready t allw students t swim in an adapted tee shirt: this is the parents respnsibility. The Principal adds that a study is underway t make wearing a hat r cap cmpulsry, like bringing a flask t schl. If necessary, the Educatinal Cmmittee, in charge f rganizing schl life, can study these matters. The President reads a questin relating t the cafeteria and drink dispensers: 1/. Can yu explain why the 2004 French Natinal Educatin directive frbidding cafeterias and drink and fd dispensers within high schls des nt apply in Singapre? 7

8 2/. Is the LFS nt aware f the fight against besity? What has been dne at the LFS n this subject? 3/. Can yu make a list f the French Natinal Educatin directives that d nt apply at the LFS? The Principal replies that law f August 9 th 2004 is in fact nt cmplied with by the LFS since sweetened drinks as well as chclate prducts are available t students in the Secndary Schl. This law f 2004 aims t fight besity in adlescents, affecting mre than 20% f yung peple in France. Dispensing and sale f snacks has existed in the LFS fr a lng time and the Principal says he has been asked by the nurses as well as the High Schl Students Cuncil (CVL) t suppress r limit these prducts. Tday, the dispenser cntains fizzy, sweetened drinks as well as sweetened fruit juice and an energy drink. The Principal states that nnetheless wrk has been dne regarding the distributin f fd by the tw cafeterias in rder t diversify the prducts, intrducing fruit salads, hme-made biscuits, water and milk. He adds that the LFS has made cl water funtains available fr its students lcated in numerus areas and particularly beside the drink dispenser. A flask is cmpulsry in the rules and regulatins, s access t water has been made easier fr the students. The dispensed water quality is regularly tested n behalf f the Singaprean health authrities. In respect f raising awareness at the Lycée n this, the Principal explains that the Health and Citizenship Cmmittee (CESC) has wrked n the prblem f besity in adlescents, in particular with the balanced breakfasts ffered t students in 6 ème. This subject is als part f the Earth and Life Sciences prgramme. The number f verweight students at the LFS is well under the 20% recrded in France. The Principal pints ut additinally that the existing link between the Lycée and French Natinal Educatin is based n regulatry apprval. The bligatin is, within this framewrk, fr schls in the AEFE netwrk t respect the educatinal prgrammes. The Principal reads the fficial text: "Apprval is granted subject t respect f the principles and criteria defined belw. French Schls Abrad respect the fundamental principles: 1. f liberty, equality and secularism; 2. pedaggic and educatinal rganizatin; 3. f the schls peratin. These principles are appreciated by taking accunt f the cntext and lcal specificities. Apprval is subject t respect f the fllwing criteria: 4. cnfrmity in teaching the prgrammes defined by the Ministry f French Natinal Educatin, Higher Educatin and Research (MENESR) ; 5. Preparatin fr and sitting fr French examinatins (the Natinal Brevet diplma which evaluates knwledge and skills acquired at the end f lwer Secndary Schl; the Baccalauréat at the end f Secndary studies that pens the way t higher educatin); 6. Teaching in French; 7. Direct teaching; 8. The presence f French students; 9. The presence f qualified permanent teachers frm the MENESR (and/r available cntractual r authrized teachers frm private schls under cntract) and qualified persnnel recruited lcally; 10. respect fr the principals f gvernance and management f schls; 11. existence f premises and equipment adapted t the educatinal requirements f the educatinal levels cncerned. Regarding the ther directives, the laws f the hst cuntry determine schls rules and regulatins. Cncerning drinks, the Singaprean authrities recmmend that we are attentive and cnsume drinks with as little sugar as pssible. In line with cmmitments made with the CESC and the CVL, a study was undertaken at the start f the 2015 schl year n the prducts available t the students. Prducts made by SODEXO are featured rather than industrial prducts. There will be mre fruit salads available and drinks will be diversified. 8

9 The President reads the questins relating t the subject f the unifrm. Questin 1: We knw the details f the prcess f establishing a unifrm and the reasns why the Secndary Schl des nt have a unifrm. In the Primary Schl Cmmittee meetings in this schl year, a significant number f parents have been asking why the unifrm will nt be extended t the Secndary Schl. There d seem t be repeated requests n this subject. A unifrm fsters a feeling f slidarity between the students and presents a united image f the LFS t the utside wrld. Wuld it nt be interesting t survey the Secndary Schl parents again t knw bjectively hw many f them wuld like a unifrm fr the 6 ème t Terminale classes? Tw years after chsing t have a unifrm, pinins n this subject may very well have changed. Questin 2: I wuld like t add t the General Assembly Agenda the questin f a unifrm fr the lwer Secndary Schl. My sn in CM2, is used t wearing a unifrm and wuld nt find it incnvenient t cntinue t wear ne in 6 ème in the new schl year starting in September, as in all schls in Singapre. A unifrm hides scial differences and avids cliques frming due t differentiatin between ppular students (wh dress fashinably) and thers. I brught this up already in February but the respnse was that it had already been dealt with in September 2014, which seems rather distant nw. Perhaps we culd vte n this issue? Questin 3: I am a CM2 class representative and I have several requests frm parents wh wuld like a unifrm in Secndary Schl next year. Can we put this n the Agenda at the General Meeting and have a vte n this very imprtant issue? Questin 4: I am the parent representative in GSB and I wuld like t share with yu the increasing number f request frm parents fr a unifrm after CM2. Culd the subject be raised at the General Meeting? The questin has already been raised in the past, certainly but that is just it, it s the past. I think that the parents wh tested the wearing unifrms ver the last 2 years wuld nt want t g back but n the cntrary, wuld like t cntinue it until the end f the students schling. Questin 5: I wuld like t ask a questin at the General Meeting and the Primary Schl Cmmittee Meeting n the issue f the unifrm. Can yu tell us the reasns fr suppressing the unifrm after CM2 and nt cntinuing it in the lwer Secndary Schl let alne the High Schl? All the schls in Singapre have unifrms and it avids many prblems in the Secndary Schl. Why shuld we be different frm ther schls? Questin 6: As a representative in 3 ème, I have had cmments frm parents wh very much regret the fact that their children have n unifrm in Secndary Schl. I arrived in Singapre this year and d nt knw the histry f the unifrm at the LFS but understand the parents mtivatins and see all the ther schls in Singapre which impse a unifrm fr diverse and very valid reasns (schl spirit, nt wrrying abut fashins ) The Principal replies that tday the issue f the unifrm is nt n the agenda fr study by the schl. As already brught up in the GM, the questin fr the Secndary Schl is studied by the CVL. A study is underway t define what t wear n excursins fr the Secndary Schl, which will cnfirm the feeling f belnging t the schl. This new dress cde shuld be put in place during the schl year. A study will then begin with the students regarding the pssibility f ging beynd this excursin dress cde. This questin, if it is t be brught up again, will be in the future at a Educatinal Cmmittee meeting and nt at a General Meeting as it relates t schl life. S during the schl year, the Educatinal 9

10 Cmmittee will study the pssibility f launching a study n dress cdes at the LFS: unifrms, sprtswear and dress cde fr excursins. 3. Apprval f audited accunts fr 2014 Arnaud LAMBOTTE indicates that the accunts t be presented have been reviewed by the external auditrs, wh have granted them unreserved certificatin. He thanks the Finance Directr and his team fr the quality f their wrk. Arnaud LAMBOTTE indicates that revenue fr 2014 is 48 MSGD, that is 13.4% higher cmpared t the previus exercise. This rise is slightly lwer than in recent years, by 15%. The changes in revenue are partly linked t numbers at the Lycée, which have risen by 7% n average in 2014 and n the ther hand, t schl fees, which represent 93% f the turnver. Operating expenses, f 38.9 MSGD in ttal, are develping at a similar rhythm t the revenue. This verall figure fr expenses is in line with the budget vted n the previus year. Persnnel csts represent 64% f the perating expenses. This is an increase f 17% in 2014, lwer than the previus year s 18.5%. This rise is due t a strengthening f structures decided in view f the schl extensin and is aimed at bth the pedaggic and administrative sides. The rati f persnnel expenses cmpared t turnver is placed at 58% and shuld stabilize at this level. Arnaud LAMBOTTE explains that the secnd cmpnent f perating expenses is made up f teaching csts, which have risen by 18%. Other expenses represent 10 MSGD in 2014, r an increase f 15%, against 6% in This rise is mainly cnnected t maintenance and security factrs with the installatin f temprary classrms related t the extensin prject. Arnaud LAMBOTTE presents the LFS expenditure allcatin: 64% human resurces, 9% maintenance, 8% prperty, 6% AEFE cntributin, 4% canteen, 4% teaching, 2% IT and 3% thers. Arnaud LAMBOTTE annunces that the prfit fr 2014 is 6.6 MSGD, cmprising 816 KSGD f dnatins and KSGD net prfit. The prfit is slightly lwer cmpared t 2013, due t the smewhat higher increase in structural expenses and the effects f the Serangn land depreciatin (SRG) fr the full year. Arnaud LAMBOTTE emphasizes that the Lycée s self-financing capacity is essential fr financial analysis. This capacity varies between 8 and 9 MSGD, the amunt cnsidered necessary fr the Lycée s develpment. The self-financing capacity is calculated frm the net prfit, that is KSGD t which depreciatin and ther financial results are added. Arnaud LAMBOTTE highlights the imprtance f careful anticipatin f the cmmitments t be hnured by the Lycée in the cming years: current investments (2 MSGD) and the lease renewal fr the Ang M Ki (AMK) land, due in 2023 fr a price range f between 20 MSGD and 30 MSGD. It will be necessary, mrever, frm next year, t begin repaying the lan fr the extensin prject that is 5 MSGD each year, plus 1 MSGD per year in interest. Arnaud LAMBOTTE pints ut that ttal assets fr 2014 are 83.6 MSGD. Capital is 61.3 MSGD. Cash and cash equivalents, 39% made up f advances received and 61% f available cash, are 30.1 MSGD. Arnaud LAMBOTTE reminds everyne finally that the cst f Phase 1 f the extensin prject is 90.3 MSGD. The sequencing f expenditure is as fllws: 28 MSGD already cmmitted in 2014, 50.5 MSGD f frecasts fr 2015 and 3.1 MSGD f frecasts fr Other elements t cme must be taken int accunt: - The cst f phase 2 f the extensin prject, estimated at 20 MSGD; - Renewal f the AMK lease, already mentined, estimated at 25 MSGD; - The cst f phase 3 f the prject, estimated at 26 MSGD. The accunts fr 2014 are apprved unanimusly. 10

11 4. Apprval f 2015 Budget and frecast fr 2016 Arnaud LAMBOTTE presents the main parameters and wrking hyptheses fr preparatin f the 2015 budget and the 2016 budget frecast. The pint f departure is the hypthesis based n numbers evlving t students in 2015 (that is an increase f 7.4 % cmpared t the previus year) and students in The number f teachers extends n frm these numbers, estimated at 196 in The schl fees will increase by 5% frm September 2015 as well as that vted n at the General Meeting in June Regarding teaching expenses, persnnel csts and maintenance and servicing, the teams have precise elements fr 2015 and have used a rati fr Interest n the lan fr the extensin prject is estimated at 2.27% in 2015 and 3% in Arnaud LAMBOTTE explains that the fee structure has been studied taking the fllwing parameters int accunt: - A regular evlutin f fees t avid sharp increases - An bjective f generating cash-flw (8 r 9 MSGD) t enable financing f extensin prjects and future settlement deadlines while preserving sufficient capital levels - The inflatin rate - The margins per schl and rate f increase f the schl fees frm the kindergarten t the Lycée - The attractiveness f the schl and benchmarking ther schls - On-ging effrts t limit the burden n families Arnaud LAMBOTTE reminds everyne that the fees fr were vted n in June 2014 with an increase f 5%. It was decided t incrprate int the schl fees the cst f class trips. The real increase is therefre nly 3.9% n average. The President presents the wrking hyptheses, which have guided the thinking n the fees fr 2016/2017: 1/ Cntinuing, if pssible, t reduce the increase in schl fees. 2/ Fllwing bradly the example f what is dne in the AEFE netwrk, f ffering the French rate t children hlding a Eurpean Unin passprt, while cntinuing t give the French pririty f enrlment. During a trip t France a few mnths ag, the President discussed this pssibility with the Directr f the AEFE and this directin was favurably viewed. 3/ Raising first enrlment fees f 2,675 SGD t 5,000 SGD t have newcmers cntribute t the investment utlay made befre their arrival. 4/ Trying t be n average lwer r in the lwer range cmpared t increases made by ther internatinal schls, which are in general between 3.5 and 4%. 5/ Start t sften the incline f the fees frm the Kindergarten t Lycée, which is tday mre than 60%. 6/ The increase in abslute value in SGD f the Kindergarten, Elementary and Lwer Secndary Schls must be cmparable s that parents have a similar financial utlay fr these levels. Arnaud LAMBOTTE indicates that the schl fees respecting these six hyptheses and submitted t the General Meeting fr the 2016/2017 schl year, will present an average increase f 3.4%. The breakdwn by level is as fllws: - Kindergarten: increase f 4.1% - Elementary: increase f 3.9% - Lwer Secndary Schl: increase f 3.7% - Upper Secndary Schl: increase f 1.8%. The President indicates that the additinal financial utlay required f parents fr the Kindergarten, Elementary and Lwer Secndary Schls will be in the rder f 650 t 700 SGD and 450 SGD in the High Schl. The average increase in the fee structure, f 3.4%, is belw the lwer range f increase in ther internatinal schls. 11

12 The President reads questins received n the Lycée s fee plicy and respnds. The Lycée Français f Singapre emphasizes educatin in citizenship and demcracy. I d nt think I am wrng in cnsidering that these values uphld the principals guiding the cnstructin f a Eurpean identity. T demnstrate this, a Eurpean flag features prminently in the lbby f the Lycée. Hwever, each year, the schl budget breaches ne f the fundamental principles f Eurpean treaties: that f nn-discriminatin between citizens f member cuntries f the Unin. Hw else can the difference f arund 27% be explained, in the tuitin fees inviced t nn-french Eurpean students, at the Lycée? Of curse, the Lycée is a private schl under Singaprean law, and Eurpean laws are nt applicable. But isn t the Schl ne f the last places where ne can chse t cmply with a demcratic principle, rather than a law r ecnmic cnstraint? The German and Dutch schls in Singapre have in any case made the chice. I wuld be happy fr this t be debated at the LFS and fr the enrlment fees fr t be vted n at the General Assembly f 4th June t finally respect the principle f equality between Eurpean Unin natinals. As annunced during the presentatin f the budget, the Executive Cmmittee shares this sentiment f belnging t the Eurpean Unin and this cnstructin f a Eurpean identity. Thus there was a favurable respnse t this issue even befre receiving the questin. The President reminds everyne hwever that the enrlment fees fr have already been vted n at the General Meeting in June The President pints ut that the nn-french rate which is still applicable fr the schl year fr students frm the Eurpean Unin at the LFS remains lwer than thse at the German and Dutch schls fr the majrity f levels, nce the different ancillary csts t the tuitin fees are taken int accunt. Culd a sliding rate fr families wh pay the LFS directly be cnsidered: - frm 3 children : 10% reductin n the 3 rd child at schl - frm 4 children : 10% fr the 3 rd child and 15% fr the 4 th child at schl This plicy was in place at the Lycée Français f Hng Kng where we lived befre and is still in place. The President indicates that as the fee plicy f the Lycée nly changes n an annual basis due t the legal statutes and cnstraints linked t sending ut the Student Cntract, the next pprtunity will be in June 2016 fr the fees t be put in place fr the beginning f the 2017 schl year in September He cmmits t having this studied by the Finance Cmmittee in the next schl year in rder t give a respnse at the General Meeting in June In respect f schl catering, Arnaud LAMBOTTE annunces that there will be n increase in unit cst per meal fr the schl year t cme. A rise in abslute value fr the Kindergarten and Elementary will apply, due t the additinal meal frm September Cncerning the transprt fees fr , the increase in fees linked t the new requirements f the schl (with in particular the 2 bus services in the mrning) has been cntained at 3%. Arnaud LAMBOTTE indicates furthermre that the rise in numbers cmbined with the increase in fees enables a turnver grwth f 8.6% in 2015 and 12.4% in He says that the figures presented are based n a calendar year: in 2016 the flat Eurpean rate will have an impact nly n the 4 last mnths f the year while the increase in first enrlment fees will have an effect frm the 4 first mnths. Operating expenses relating t persnnel are estimated in 2015 at 30.8 KSGD and at 33.9 in The structure, strengthened ver the previus years as annunced previusly, will stabilize, as will the rati f persnnel expenses t turnver. Teaching expenses present a marked increase in 2016 due t integrating the cst f trips int the schl fees. Other expenses shw a rise f 18% in 2015 and 16% in 2016, this due t the impact f the new site. Arnaud LAMBOTTE annunces that the prfit is frecast sharply lwer, falling frm KSGD in 2014 t KSGD in 2015 then 652 KSGD in 2016, due t depreciatin f the new site. He emphasizes hwever that the capacity fr self-financing remains stable (9 168 KSGD in 2014, KSGD in 2015 and KSGD in 2016) in rder t ensure the sustainability f the LFS. 12

13 Arnaud LAMBOTTE explains that the net generatin f cash and cash equivalents shuld remain in surplus in 2015 and Cash and cash equivalents at the end f the perid are 30.1 MSGD in It is mving in a psitive directin, with 32.8 MSGD in 2015 and 34.8 MSGD in Once adjusted by the advance schl fees, the generatin f available cash and cash equivalents changes by +1.7 MSGD in 2015 and +1.5 MSGD in The 2015 budget and the budget frecast fr 2016, including the 2015/2016 canteen fees and the 2016/2017 schl fees are unanimusly apprved. 5. Nminatin f auditrs The reappintment f the auditrs, J.K. Medra & C, is unanimusly apprved. 6. Other subjects/miscellaneus 6-1. Pint n the extensin f the Lycée The Executive Directr Yves Marcel, reminds everyne that n April 30 th 2014, the Lycée btained Written Permissin (WP) allwing cnstructin wrks n the new campus and n the canal alngside the land t begin, with a cmpletin date f the wrks f August 20 th 2015 (plan A). Taking accunt f the delay due mainly t the delay in btaining the WP and the cmplexity f wrks n the canal, it appears that this bjective is n lnger feasible. The builder prpsed requesting tw Temprary Occupatin Permit (TOP) (plan B): the first in August 2015 fr the buildings and the secnd in December 2015 fr the canal wrks. The teams are currently wrking t btain the partial TOP fr the buildings in August 2015, which is technically feasible, but presents sme uncertainties, relating in particular t the date f btaining the authrizatins. Due t these uncertainties, while maintaining the principal bjective f being able t rganize the return t schl in September 2015 in the new premises, the LFS teams have prepared cntingency plans. A first cntingency plan, C1, wuld cmprise adding 7 prefabricated buildings beside the existing prefabs. This temprary slutin, wuld allw the new schl year in September t start withut impacting n the schedules, the class divisins and ther parametres. Once the administrative authrizatins are btained, these classes wuld be transferred t the new campus in Nvember r January. The studies and authrizatin requests fr adding these prefabricated buildings have already started. This slutin presents the duble cnstraint f a nt-negligible cst and dependence n btaining the necessary authrizatins by the administratins. A secnd cntingency plan, C2, is equally envisined, and cmprises using the existing campus fr the elementary students withut recurse t additinal prefabricated buildings. This implies cnverting sme areas int classrms and ptimizing numbers per level temprarily t be able t accept all the students in September befre mving as early as pssible int the new campus. The Executive Directr explains that the wrks in Blck A have already been planned in AMK fr the Secndary students. These wrks will be necessary whatever the plan: B, C1 r C2: - Cnverting 2 classrms int an additinal technlgy rm - Cnverting 3 classrms int 2 additinal labs - Cnverting the cycle 3 library int 2 additinal classes - Renvatin f the 4 changing rms The President emphasizes that the Lycée is strngly supprted by the Ecnmic Develpment Bard (EDB), which is a key cntact and prvides valuable help in the prcess f btaining administrative authrizatins. The President reads a questin relating t the canteen in the extensin prject. We have heard that the canteen n the new campus will be utside. Is this true? 13

14 If s, why will it nt be inside, air-cnditined, fr the cmfrt f ur children wh have a real meal there and wh we wuld like t have mre time t eat in the right cnditins? The Executive Directr presents an artist s view f the canteen, which is nt utside, but cvered, pen and ventilated. This system f canteen is widespread in Singapre, particularly in internatinal schls and has prven its wrth. The Executive Directr explains that the teams f the Lycée are allwing a perid f peratin t assess this schl canteen and in rder t study, in the future, any mdificatins which may r may nt be needed Questins frm the flr A parent raises the questin f refrm f the Lwer Secndary Schl, nw underway, which will in all prbability be adpted. He asks if the LFS will be required t implement it. Mrever, he returns t the subject f the affrdability f the LFS, which he had already raised at a previus GM. He highlights the fact that the LFS has arund 13 students per teacher, 95% f the turnver cmes frm the tuitin fees and that 65% f the perating expenses crrespnd t persnnel csts. He calculates that by dividing the staff t student rate in tw t take it t 26 students per teacher, lwering the fees by 25% n average wuld be pssible. He asks if setting up a wrking grup culd be cnsidered, charged with putting frward hyptheses evaluating the psitin f French families n this subject. The Principal respnds t the questin n refrm f the Lwer Secndary Schl, by explaining that the LFS will, due t its regulatry apprval, be bliged t apply the law nce the implementing decree is published. He estimates hwever that this will nt imply majr changes fr the LFS, since the Lycée will cntinue t wrk in the same way as it des currently, fr example in Latin and Greek. Regarding teaching a secnd freign language in 5 ème, the Principal says this is already the case at the LFS. He adds that the refrm will n dubt invlve changes t the digital cmpnent, with the new prgrammes in sme subjects already implemented at the LFS. The President reminds everyne that, as pinted ut several times during the GM, the schl fees and peripheral csts are mnitred with the greatest attentin by the Executive Cmmittee. Due t the Charity status f the LFS, all prceeds g twards ensuring pedaggic grwth and supprt and are reinvested in the schl. Due t this status and management by vlunteers, the schl fees are 30% less expensive than the least expensive Singapre internatinal schl utside the LFS. The President adds that a cmparisn is equally pssible with the cst f schling in France, the Ministry f Educatin having published the figures which place the cst f a student at 8 t 10 K, apart frm the csts linked t buildings and land. This crrespnds t 15 t 20 KSGD: the LFS fees are therefre very cmpetitive, with a quality f teaching generally superir t that in France and quality infrastructures. The President adds that the fee plicy is aligned with pedaggic requirements and adapts t the buildings: the classrms in the new campus are planned t accmmdate 26 students. Finally he pints ut that the Lycée is attentive t develpments in the number f grant hlders, which remains particularly lw in cmparisn with that seen in ther places. A secnd parent brings up the creatin f mdules f excellence and asks if certain subjects are priritized and if they cncern the Primary Schl. The Principal indicates that in respect f the Primary Schl, the regulatins n refrm have been published and will be applied frm the beginning f the schl year in September Cnsultatin is underway fr cycles 2, 3 and 4. The LFS has a greater amunt f pedaggic freedm in cmparisn with schls in France, and as lng as the teaching quality and respect f fficial regulatins are assured, the manner f implementatin is up t the schl. Fr example, t help the students, many grups have been created, synnymus with excellence, t ffer everyne the pprtunity f prgressing and imprving by develping their ptential t the maximum. A third parent asks what the plans are fr the current building in Serangn in the framewrk f the extensin prject: he asks if it wuld nt be pssible t cnserve it t facilitate the return t schl in September 2015 if the pening f the extensin is delayed. He asks mrever which classes will be mving t the new buildings. The Principal replies that the students frm CP t CM2 will be mving t the new buildings and explains that the tw alternative plans presented imply cnserving the Serangn building until December. 14


16 Appendix 1: Discurs du Cnseiller de Cpératin et d Actin Culturelle Mnsieur le Président du Cnseil Exécutif, cher Axel, Mnsieur le Prviseur, cher Bernard, Mnsieur le Directeur exécutif, cher Yves Chers amis, chers parents Je cris que l rdre du jur est dense et je serai dnc très bref. C est tujurs un très grand plaisir de m adresser à vus au curs de ces Assemblées Générales. L Ambassade est, cmme vus le savez, particulièrement attachée au suivi du LFS qui est à la fis un enjeu éducatif, de raynnement et de prise en cmpte des besins de la cmmunauté française. Le Directeur des Français de l étranger et de l administratin cnsulaire du Quai d Orsay, en missin cette semaine à Singapur, a d ailleurs suhaité visiter le Lycée et échanger sur les différents dssiers en curs. Je vudrais pur ma part évquer deux pints essentiels : Le premier, c est la gestin de la crissance. Les prévisins pur la rentrée prchaine s inscrivent clairement dans cette dynamique. C est un cntexte très stimulant, mais qui nécessite un effrt particulier, à la fis en terme d anticipatin et en terme de maîtrise. C est cette capacité d anticipatin qui a permis de lancer la phase 1 des travaux d extensin, pleinement légitimée par les effectifs de la rentrée prchaine. C est également ce suci d anticipatin au regard du renuvellement du bail d Ang M Ky en 2023 qui cntraint certains chix budgétaires afin de dégager les cash-flws suffisants en vue de cette échéance. Afin que cette cntrainte ne pèse pas trp sur les éclages, une maîtrise des cûts s avère dès lrs hautement nécessaire. Je sais que le Cnseil Exécutif y est très attentif. Vu de l Ambassade, il s agit d un pint de vigilance imprtant. Le LFS a mis «l excellence pur tus» au cœur de sn prjet pédaggique et y réussit remarquablement, qu il s agisse des résultats sclaires u de la richesse de ses activités extra-sclaires. Sans faire du Pierre Dac, cette «excellence pur tus», elle dit rester accessible au plus grand nmbre, avec une cmmunauté française de plus en plus diverse. Le deuxième pint que je vudrais suligner, c est le rôle que jue le LFS dans le raynnement de la présence française à Singapur. Je ne reviens pas sur les cntraintes légales qui empêchent l accueil de Singapuriens, mais l intensificatin des échanges du LFS avec les établissements lcaux est une réalité. Cet ancrage a été mis en évidence cette année par la présence de l Ambassadeur de Singapur en France au dîner de gala des 25 ans de l AEFE, au curs desquels le LFS a été mis à l hnneur. Enfin, je vudrais remercier le LFS d avir pleinement jué le jeu de Vilah! 2015, en rganisant des expsitins, des cnférences u des cncerts cmme les Chrasies la semaine dernière, u encre en nus aidant dans ns actins de cmmunicatin. Au-delà de Vilah!, le LFS cnstitue un partenaire privilégié de ntre actin de cpératin culturelle, scientifique et éducative, ces prjets cnjints cntribuant également à l enrichissement de vs enfants. Je vus remercie.

17 Appendix 2: Discurs du Président M. le Cnseiller de Cpératin et d Actin Culturelle, je vus remercie pur vtre interventin et l attachement et l intérêt maintenus que vus témignez au LFS. Je tiens à remercier également, au nm du Cnseil Exécutif, Mnsieur Bernard Pujl, prviseur du LFS, pur cette nuvelle année sclaire qui tuche à sa fin : sn énergie et sa vlnté au service du Lycée Français de Singapur nt, encre une fis, prté les nmbreux prjets qui snt une des particularités de ntre écle et qui assurent l épanuissement de ns enfants. Bernard a été rejint, suite à l Assemblée Générale Extrardinaire du mis de mars dernier, par Yves Marcel en tant que Directeur Exécutif. Sus l impulsin du Cnseil Exécutif et avec sn ttal sutien, Yves a œuvré avec ses équipes et réalisé d imprtants effrts financiers sur lesquels j aurai le plaisir de revenir par la suite. Une des missins principales d Yves est le prjet d extensin. Il vus présentera la situatin actuelle des travaux avec les slutins alternatives pur la rentrée 2015 au cas ù les bâtiments n auraient pas btenu tutes les autrisatins administratives d uverture. Actuellement, le planning tient tujurs, cependant il est de ntre devir de prévir la situatin ù un retard quel qu il sit nus empêcherait d uvrir pur la rentrée, et il est aussi de ntre devir, de vus infrmer en tute transparence des différents plans. Vus serez par ailleurs directement infrmés au curs de l été lrsque nus aurns la cnfirmatin définitive que nus rentrns u pas dans ns nuveaux bâtiments pur la rentrée de Septembre Pur mémire, le Cnseil Exécutif, que je préside, est cnstitué de membres BÉNÉVOLES élus: 12 Directeurs et 2 suppléants, la mitié prvenant du cllège entreprise et l autre du cllège parents. Ntre mtivatin principale à tus est d être au service du Lycée Français de Singapur, c est-à-dire au service de tus les enfants et ainsi, qu avec le temps et la passin que nus y cnsacrns, d'y apprter ntre expertise et ntre cntributin. Afin que vus puissiez les recnnaître, pur ceux qui snt dans l assistance, je vais leur demander de se lever lrsque je vais les nmmer : - M. Pascal de PETRINI - trésrier, qui ne peut malheureusement pas être des nôtres ce sir ; - Il est remplacé sur l estrade par M. Arnaud LAMBOTTE - Mme Crrine PETIT - Secrétaire Générale et membre du Cnseil d Administratin de la FAPEE (Fédératin des assciatins de parents d élèves des établissements d enseignement français à l étranger) - Mme Frédérique EMPEIGNE - Mme Stéphanie INSERRA - Mme Carline PINHAS-PAUMIER - Mme Laure VEYRES - M. Grégire BARRY DELONGCHAMPS - M. Patrick BURGUET et M. Michael CHAILLE, qui nus nt rejints en nvembre dernier en tant que membres suppléants - M. Jean-Marc DEROMEDI - M. Daniel ROUX, qui nus a également rejint en nvembre - M. Guillaume SACHET, qui nus a rejint encre plus récemment puisqu il a été élu lrs de l Assemblée Générale Extrardinaire du mis de mars dernier

18 Afin d accmpagner au mieux la gestin du LFS, le Cnseil Exécutif est rganisé autur de 4 cmmissins, qui travaillent en très étrite cllabratin avec le Prviseur et le Directeur Exécutif et leurs équipes respectives. Ces 4 cmmissins snt : - La Cmmissin Finance, Entreprises et Fundraising, présidée par Pascal de PETRINI Au sein de cette Cmmissin, une Sus-Cmmissin prtant sur le Fundraising a été créée cette année, sus la respnsabilité de Carline PINHAS PAUMIER - La deuxième cmmissin est la Cmmissin Guvernance & Fnctinnement, présidée par Crrine PETIT Cette Cmmissin cmprend une Sus-Cmmissin Ressurces Humaines présidée par Stéphanie INSERRA - La trisième cmmissin est la Cmmissin Audit & Cmpliance, présidée par Grégire BARRY DELONGCHAMPS et - Enfin, la quatrième et dernière cmmissin est la Cmmissin Infrastructure, que je préside. Cette année encre, l engagement du Cnseil Exécutif a été intense et je tiens à remercier chaleureusement chacun de ses membres pur leur engagement et les effrts cnsentis. Syez assurés que le bien-être des enfants a été au cœur de l ensemble des chix réalisés et des démarches mises en œuvre ; que ce sit pur les élèves actuels du Lycée u pur ceux qui nus rejindrnt dans les années à venir. N'hésitez pas à nus apprcher si vus suhaitez nus rejindre u apprter vtre cntributin par quelque myen que ce sit. Cmme vus le savez, l année sclaire prchaine sera riche en changements puisqu elle verra : - L uverture du nuveau campus - La mise en place des hraires différenciés - La mise en œuvre de la nuvelle rganisatin des semaines de curs - La finalisatin du parcurs en langue de la maternelle au lycée qui sera abrdé plus tard par Bernard dans sn expsé. Après avir réduit l an passé pur la majrité des parents les mntants à payer pur les avances sur frais d éclage, en unifrmisant le mntant à 5,000 SGD par enfant pur les tris premiers enfants, cette année, nus avns cntinué à travailler intensément à la maîtrise des dépenses en cherchant les meilleures slutins à cût ptimal afin de ralentir l augmentatin des tarifs du LFS et des cûts assciés. Le Cnseil Exécutif a réussi ainsi à cnsentir d imprtants effrts pur les parents d élèves, dnt la plupart nt un impact dès l année sclaire Tut d abrd, permettez-mi de vus rappeler que l Assemblée Générale de juin 2014 a vté une augmentatin des frais de sclarité de 5% effective pur l année sclaire Par ailleurs, le Cnseil Exécutif a à cœur que tus les aspects bligatires de la sclarité sient cuverts par les frais de sclarité, aussi il y a deux ans nus avns pris en charge le cût des srties sclaires, l an dernier les examens de langue bligatire et pur cette année, j ai le plaisir de vus annncer que, dès l année sclaire 2015/2016, les cûts des vyages sclaires bligatires sernt intégrés aux frais de sclarités, sans augmentatin de ceux-ci autre que les 5% vtés lrs de l Assemblée Générale de juin Pur mémire les vyages bligatires snt les vyages de niveau de CE1, CM2, 4eme et Première Cette dispsitin a été incluse dans le Student Cntract que vus avez tus reçu pur la réinscriptin de vs enfants pur la rentrée J en prfite pur vus rappeler de returner le dssier de réinscriptin de vtre enfant au plus tôt, si cela n a pas déjà été fait. Avec cette mesure, l augmentatin réelle des frais de sclarité pur 2015/2016 n est plus de 5% mais de 3.9% en myenne. 2

19 S agissant des cûts assciés, vus vus étiez inquiétés, lrs de la précédente Assemblée Générale Extrardinaire de mars dernier : - de l augmentatin ptentiellement élevée des tarifs des transprts sclaires liée à la mise en place des hraires différenciés et - ainsi que de la hausse prbable du cût de la restauratin sclaire Cmme cela vus a été annncé via la newsletter, les services de transprt sclaire pur l'année 2015/2016 nt fait l'bjet d'études techniques avec ntre prestataire Wdlands afin de répndre aux nuveaux besins liés ntamment aux hraires différenciés de début des curs (secndaire à 7h50/primaire à 8h35) et à l'uverture du nuveau site de Serangn. Ns équipes nt négcié activement et intensément avec Wdlands afin de minimiser l'impact écnmique pur les parents tut en maintenant la qualité du service. Ces négciatins nt abuti à une hausse particulièrement limitée à 3% des tarifs pur l'année 2015/2016. S agissant de la restauratin sclaire, sujet au vte de l Assemblée Générale lrs de la présentatin financière, nus avns réussi à ce qu il n y ait aucune augmentatin pur l année 2015/2016 du cût du repas unitaire; les seules augmentatins des mntants à payer sernt relatives à l augmentatin du nmbre de repas pris par les enfants suite au changement du rythme sclaire. Tujurs dans le même rdre d idée, lrs de la présentatin financière, nus sumettrns au vte de l Assemblée Générale, une augmentatin de la tarificatin pur l année sclaire 2016/2017 en baisse par rapprt aux 3.9% d augmentatin myenne pur l année sclaire 2015/2016. Je reviendrai lrs de la présentatin financière sur les hypthèses de travail qui nt guidé la grille tarifaire 2016/2017. Lrs de l Assemblée Générale de juin 2016, nus reviendrns vers vus pur vus expliquer si la baisse peut se pursuivre pur l année sclaire 2017/2018, si l augmentatin qui sera prpsée ce sir dit être maintenue u si une légère prgressin dit être finalement recnsidérée afin de cntinuer à préparer l avenir et transmettre la gestin du LFS à ns successeurs dans de bnnes cnditins. Ce travail imprtant de réflexin et de négciatin visant à réduire vs effrts financiers s accmpagne d un prjet qui me tient à cœur et que j ai déjà évqué lrs de l Assemblée Générale du mis de nvembre dernier : la mise en œuvre d une démarche de fundraising pur le LFS. En effet, le maintien des frais de sclarité les plus bas de tutes les écles internatinales à Singapur nécessite une gestin ptimale mais demande aussi d écarter u de retarder un certain nmbre de prjets qui purraient néanmins amélirer l'expérience de vie des étudiants et des enseignants au Lycée. Dans ce cntexte, le sutien financier de dnateurs privés aussi bien que des entreprises est essentiel à ntre succès et nus a permis d accmplir ntre missin jusqu ici. En aidant à préserver et cultiver l'excellence de ntre Lycée, les dnateurs investiraient dans le futur de ns enfants, et quelque part, dans celui de ntre cmmunauté. Cette démarche me semble d autant plus pertinente cette année que, dans le cadre des célébratins liées aux 50 ans de Singapur, le guvernement de Singapur a décidé de prter à 300% la déductin fiscale des revenus dnt bénéficiernt les dnateurs. Cette campagne de levée de fnds sera fficiellement lancée prchainement, et je vus remercie par avance pur le sutien que vus y apprterez. En dehrs de ces aspects financiers, la pririté de l écle reste naturellement l enseignement, et je tiens à rendre, cette année encre, hmmage aux prfesseurs du Lycée Français de Singapur, à la qualité de leur travail, à leur dévuement pur tus les enfants et à leur prfessinnalisme. J ai évqué plus tôt les innmbrables prjets du Lycée : ils ne sauraient exister sans l impulsin et le sutien du crps prfessral, que je remercie ici au nm de tus. 3

20 Je suhaite également remercier chaleureusement les parents bénévles du Lycée Français de Singapur, que ce sient les membres du Cnseil Exécutifs évqués plus haut, les parents élus au cnseil d établissement, les parents délégués, les membres du Grupe Humanitaire, les persnnes en charge de l rganisatin de la Fête de l écle qui se dérulera après-demain, et j espère vus y vir nmbreux et plus généralement tus les autres bénévles sans qui l énergie du Lycée ne serait pas aussi buillnnante. Je rends également hmmage au prfessinnalisme et au dévuement du persnnel administratif dans sn ensemble, qui sutient ces actins et qui par leur travail permet au LFS de fnctinner efficacement au qutidien et qui assure également le bien-être de ns enfants. J indiquais en intrductin que la pririté du LFS et de tutes ns actins snt les enfants, et c est à eux que je vais laisser cette année la cnclusin de mn discurs. Cmme indiqué au début de mn discurs, un pint d avancement du prjet d extensin vus sera présenté ce sir par Mr Yves Marcel, ntre Directeur Exécutif. Même s il s agit naturellement actuellement du prjet majeur du Lycée, qui mbilise beaucup d énergie, il s agit avant tut de bâtiments destinés au bien-être de ns enfants. Aussi, qui de plus réjuissant que de vir cmment des élèves se snt apprpriés ce prjet et de décuvrir leur visin des nuveaux bâtiments au travers d un film qu ils nt cnçu. Ce film est parti d une prpsitin du Cnseil Exécutif auprès de la Directin Pédaggique de libérer des myens financiers afin de faire un prjet pédaggique autur de la cnceptin d un film en 3D des nuveaux bâtiments. Bernard a été enthusiaste à cette prpsitin et le prjet a pu dnc vir le jur. Ces élèves nt furni un travail remarquable pendant plus d un an pur réaliser ce film, en dehrs de leurs heures de curs et avec le sutien de leur prfesseur. J ai le plaisir de vus présenter le film réalisé par les élèves de Mnsieur Benît Vayre. Tut d abrd, je vus demande d applaudir : - Leur prfesseur Mr Vayre qui ne peut être là ce sir - Ensuite les Elèves avec uniquement quelques présents, examens bligent : - Bartll Labescau - Luise Fradin - Maé Siriex - Brian Aubert - Jules Trimphe - Nina Mutnnet - Yann Leruge - Nans Petit - Pietr Sambuy - Clementine Biet - Raphaëlle Petit - Drian Sabathier Je vus remercie pur vtre attentin et vus suhaite une excellente Assemblée Générale. [Le film réalisé par les élèves est prjeté] La qualité du film que vus venez de vir a été recnnue par des prfessinnels. Les élèves nt même pris sur leur temps persnnel un samedi pur frmer des prfessinnels à l utilisatin des lgiciels qu ils avaient appris à maîtriser. Quel bel exemple! Je truve que ce travail illustre parfaitement ce purqui les différents intervenants œuvrent qutidiennement, «au service» de ns enfants et de ntre belle écle. 4

,,-~Is-_N-1_~2-_.-1/_7._'-9_8~4~..~. ] J. I,I ii' ~~~ I. ~@?'ijd@~~~~ ~~~ UNt~ERSITv.'CF P.E. L ~\,I. L1BR'},RY USE ONLY

,,-~Is-_N-1_~2-_.-1/_7._'-9_8~4~..~. ] J. I,I ii' ~~~ I. ~@?'ijd@~~~~ ~~~ UNt~ERSITv.'CF P.E. L ~\,I. L1BR'},RY USE ONLY ,,-~Is-_N-1_~2-_.-1/_7._'-9_8~4~..~. ] J I,I ii' ~~~ I ~@?'ijd@~~~~ ~~~ ~\,I. UNt~ERSITv.'CF P.E. L \ilu: ~~7.:':"'~iD;Je(YJIDjiHt~~t( L1BR'},RY USE ONLY ..'.~. ~. 8 -,"~2. 11.j LINKING: TODAY'S LIBRARIES,

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Considérations ayant trait aux activités d enseignement à dimension «santé publique»

Considérations ayant trait aux activités d enseignement à dimension «santé publique» Cnsidératins ayant trait aux activités d enseignement à dimensin «santé publique» dans le cadre de la créatin de l Ecle Rmande de Santé Publique entre les Universités de Genève, Lausanne et Neuchâtel P

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Récapitulatif sur les différents diplômes et cursus offerts par AISC en High School : IB / AP / High School Diploma.

Récapitulatif sur les différents diplômes et cursus offerts par AISC en High School : IB / AP / High School Diploma. V1 Versin mdifiée Récapitulatif sur les différents diplômes et cursus fferts par AISC en High Schl : IB / AP / High Schl Diplma Smmaire : Page 1. IB Diplma 2 2. HS Diplma 6 3. AP Prgram 8 4. Quelques éléments

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Renforcement de la législation américaine contre l évasion fiscale

Renforcement de la législation américaine contre l évasion fiscale FATCA (QI2) Renfrcement de la législatin américaine cntre l évasin fiscale Avril 2012 La FATCA (Freign Accunt Tax Cmpliance Act) est un enjeu pur la plupart des institutins financières. Tris Ntices nt

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LES ENTREPRISES EN DIFFICULTE : REAGIR AVANT aigne Université de Pitiers Institut d Administratin des Entreprises Année Universitaire 2012-2013 Etudiante : Claire MAIGNE Tuteur de Stage : Jérôme MERIC MASTER 2 CCA LES ENTREPRISES EN DIFFICULTE :

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SAINTE-ANNE (SAINT-CUTHBERT) (007) SAINTE-ANNE (SAINT-CUTHBERT) (007) Plan SIAA Réslutin: CÉ-20100921-013 Planificatin SIAA, juin 2009, juin 2010 Prjet éducatif et plan de réussite Écle primaire Écle : Ste-Anne, St-Cuthbert Cmmissin sclaire

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Un ministère nouvelle génér@tion Culture & Médias 2020

Un ministère nouvelle génér@tion Culture & Médias 2020 Un ministère nuvelle génér@tin Culture & Médias 2020 «Le ministère chargé des affaires culturelles a pur missin de rendre accessibles les œuvres capitales de l humanité, et d abrd de la France, au plus

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Enquête auprès des utilisateurs finaux : Les «réels» avantages de la visioconférence

Enquête auprès des utilisateurs finaux : Les «réels» avantages de la visioconférence RESULTATS DE RECHERCHE DIRECTE Enquête auprès des utilisateurs finaux : Les «réels» avantages de la visicnférence Ira M. Weinstein Andy Nilssen Février 2013 En partenariat avec : age by SDL. Cpyright 2013

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Pertes additionnelles et provisions pour pertes à terminaison sur trois grands projets nucléaires (1 097 M, dont 720 M au titre du projet EPR OL3)

Pertes additionnelles et provisions pour pertes à terminaison sur trois grands projets nucléaires (1 097 M, dont 720 M au titre du projet EPR OL3) Paris, le 4 mars 2015 Résultats annuels 2014 : Chiffre d affaires : 8 336 M (- 7,2 % à p.c.c.) Excédent brut d explitatin 1 : 735 M (- 257 M vs 2013) Cash-flw pératinnel libre avant impôts 1 : - 372 M

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Le Projet de Service Du SSIAD Vallée de l Authion

Le Projet de Service Du SSIAD Vallée de l Authion Le Prjet de Service Du SSIAD Vallée de l Authin Juin 2009 1 Smmaire PREAMBULE Mt d accueil de la Présidente et de la respnsable d entité Présentatin des membres du Cnseil d Administratin et salariées Intérêts

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Plan stratégique pour la gestion des ressources humaines

Plan stratégique pour la gestion des ressources humaines Plan stratégique pur la gestin des ressurces humaines 2007-2008 à 2009-2010 Message du cmmissaire La gestin des ressurces humaines revêt de plus en plus d imprtance à la lumière des changements bservés

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livraisons en centrale

livraisons en centrale 2013 Cahier des charges pur livraisns en centrale A l attentin des furnisseurs de Carrefur Belgium Versin 25/10/2013 Site EDI Carrefur : Table des matières A/ ETIQUETAGE

Plus en détail SUPPORT DE COURS / CMS SUPPORT DE COURS / CMS L i a m T A R D I E U SUPPORT DE COURS / CMS Liam TARDIEU CMS Retruvez l intégralité curs sur Smmaire Smmaire... 2 Présentatin... 3 Définitin... 3 Fnctinnement... 3 Dévelppement

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guide Janvier 2014 numérique & territoires recourir à l offre existante ou développer un datacenter local www.groupecaissedesdepots.

guide Janvier 2014 numérique & territoires recourir à l offre existante ou développer un datacenter local www.groupecaissedesdepots. numérique & territires guide Janvier 2014 recurir à l ffre existante u dévelpper un datacenter lcal recurir à l ffre existante u dévelpper un datacenter lcal Guide pratique à

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guide Janvier 2014 numérique & territoires recourir à l offre existante ou développer un datacenter local www.groupecaissedesdepots.

guide Janvier 2014 numérique & territoires recourir à l offre existante ou développer un datacenter local www.groupecaissedesdepots. numérique & territires guide Janvier 2014 recurir à l ffre existante u dévelpper un datacenter lcal recurir à l ffre existante u dévelpper un datacenter lcal Guide pratique à

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innovation? Multinationals' R&D strategy in Asia: a driver for global Bilingual edition: English & French Under the direction of Hervé Mathe

innovation? Multinationals' R&D strategy in Asia: a driver for global Bilingual edition: English & French Under the direction of Hervé Mathe Multinationals' R&D strategy in Asia: a driver for global innovation? Bilingual edition: English & French Under the direction of Hervé Mathe Multinationals' R&D strategy in Asia: a driver for global innovation?

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Les Nouvelles du Rosey

Les Nouvelles du Rosey Les Nouvelles du Rosey Décembre 2012 n 32 Le Paul & Henry Carnal Hall sort de terre... L investissement est important, déraisonnable penseront certains? Le projet de ce grand centre des arts, de la culture

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L inform accueil. 1 er. Sommaire ÉDITORIAL. La ressource formée et informée : une ressource d avenir. Volume 5 Numéro 1 Avril 2013

L inform accueil. 1 er. Sommaire ÉDITORIAL. La ressource formée et informée : une ressource d avenir. Volume 5 Numéro 1 Avril 2013 Veuillez prendre note de notre nouvelle adresse à compter du 1 er avril 2013 8500, boulevard Henri-Bourassa, bureau 256 L inform accueil Québec (Québec) G1G 5X1 1 er Avril La ressource formée et informée

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Le cadre de référence international

Le cadre de référence <IR> international Le cadre de référence internatinal 1 À PROPOS DE L IIRC L Internatinal Integrated Reprting Cuncil (IIRC) est une calitin mndiale regrupant des entreprises, des investisseurs, des autrités de réglementatin,

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Les Notaires de Paris. The Notaries of Paris

Les Notaires de Paris. The Notaries of Paris Les Notaires de Paris The Notaries of Paris 2 Sommaire Introduction Table of contents Introduction 4 la profession de notaire the notary profession 5 - La profession de notaire : une des grandes professions

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CIDOC Newsletter 2011

CIDOC Newsletter 2011 CIDOC Newsletter 2011 International Committee for Documentation ICOM/CIDOC Frances Lloyd-Baynes, Editor A WORD FROM THE CHAIR / Le mot du président Nick

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AUEED AHEED. Together we build Ensemble nous bâtissons

AUEED AHEED. Together we build Ensemble nous bâtissons AUEED AHEED Together we build Ensemble nous bâtissons Annual Report/ Rapport Annuel 2007-2008 Who we are Our Mission We are a community based non-profit organization working in Upper Egypt to empower local

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Generation. Lean. management. > SpECIal ISSuE # 24

Generation. Lean. management. > SpECIal ISSuE # 24 Generation # 24 > SpECIal ISSuE Lean INTERVIEWS DCNS is on the Lean stream with its Green and Blue spinnaker Lean: from industry to banks, or applying industrial practices to banking SNCF Lean applied

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CMS open source : pénétration, usages et appréciations

CMS open source : pénétration, usages et appréciations CMS pen surce : appréciatins Page 2 PREAMBULE SMILE Smile est une sciété d ingénieurs experts dans la mise en œuvre de slutins pen surce et l intégratin de systèmes appuyés sur l pen surce. Smile est membre

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RAPPORT ANNUEL ANNUAL REPORT 2012 SO- SONACA RAPPORT ANNUEL ANNUAL REPORT 2012 Ventes & prestations / Operating income * Nombre de shipsets livrés/shipsets delivered Groupe Sonaca Group SOMMAIRE CONTENTS 2010 2011 2012 2010

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développement de carrière manitoba BÂTIR UN PORTFOLIO PROFESSIONNEL GUIDE

développement de carrière manitoba BÂTIR UN PORTFOLIO PROFESSIONNEL GUIDE dévelppement de carrière manitba BÂTIR UN PORTFOLIO PROFESSIONNEL GUIDE Table des matières Remerciements... 2 Intrductin... 3 Au sujet de ce guide... 3 Qu est-ce qu un prtfli?... 5 Cmment un prtfli peut

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